Saturday, 31 October 2015

Seaway: 'Colour Blind' Album Review

The new Seaway album is with us and we must say it's a bit of a banger. If you are any kind of pop-punk fan in any way, shape or form then this is at least worth a listen! I have been a Seaway fan since the release of their 2013 album 'Hoser' which is a raw pop-punk sinag-along throughout which brings track after track of catchy goodness. The bands new album 'Colour Blind' is a step in the right direction!

I must admit when the first single 'Freak' was released I was a little nervous. It's a great song but something felt like it was missing and all felt a little flat. It turns out that it is the worst song on the album. So when further tracks 'Airhead', 'Best Mistake' and 'Growing Stale' were released I was even more blown away!

'Airhead' brings you the most catchy pop-punk song you will hear in 2015. With the most incredibly catchy vocal line I may have ever heard I am still in fact singing it. "SOMETIME I CAN BE A FUCKING AIRHEAD!"

'Growing Stale' punches in as a more emotive and fast-paced anthem that shows a progression in a more mature sound for the band. 'Best Mistake' is the bands second single and is far more like it! An awesome chorus and even better video makes it a solid single for the band.

The likes of opening track 'Slam' and closing song 'Goon' remind me why I love the band so much. They have the right balance of old school pop-punk which brings a familiarity to their music instantly but dual vocals, soaring harmonies and great production make it current and bring it up to date.

The album offers tonnes more with a total of 12 songs that vary between fast-paced, rawer pop-punk that are reminiscent of their earlier record and songs that do have more of a mature alternative rock sound. The band have nailed it on this record.

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