Thursday, 15 October 2015

Luna Sol: 'Blood Moon' Album Review

Hailing from the newly-legal "stoner state" of Colorado, Denver based Luna Sol have given us "Blood Moon" a rocking journey through the underrated Stoner-Rock genre.

"Bridges" opens the album with a bluesy lick, revealing Alice In Chains-esque dual vocals before enveloping into a solo section reminiscent of Black Stone Cherry.

The more dystopian "Death Mountain" and "December" offer us a different touch and tempo, while style maintaining the heaviness that was established from the opening notes.

The groove continues with the dancy and lively "Leadville" and "Pretty Rotten" before "Standley Lake" and "Your War" continue to establish the Black Sabbath meets America vibe the Luna Sol had entrenched in their sound.

"In The Shadows" represents a refreshing change of pace for an album that has a tendency to feel like one long bar jam, but Luna Sol have provided Stoner Rock fans with a real gem.

Facebook: /Lunasolmusic
Bandcamp: Luna Sol

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