Thursday, 8 October 2015

Live Review: Reaper In Sicily w/ Nineteen Fifty Eight, The Decoy and Death By Disco

The date is September 26th, 2015, and tonight, we witness a select group of Welsh lads looking to put on the performance of their lives…and we’re not talking about the game at Twickenham! No, tonight, the Red House, Merthyr Tydfil’s converted town hall has once again opened it’s doors to accommodate a fine batch of bands ready to rock an eager Saturday night crowd…at least…that WAS until everyone realised the rugby clashed…here’s what went down.

Doors open at 7pm, ready for the four bands booked to play tonight, however, no one gets on stage until around the half eight mark. Why the delay? Technical issues? No…DEATH BY DISCO [N/A] didn’t even turn up! Well…half of them that is, citing the game between England and Wales as more important. Ten out of ten for professionalism…but no, as they could not perform as a duo, their set was abandoned.

Facebook: /deathbydiscowales

Now tasked with opening proceedings, albeit delayed, THE DECOY [6] kick things off and the trio
waste no time in treating the somewhat sparse crowd to a barrage of off-kilter, almost prog-inspired rough indie rock. Their multi-layered approach, utilizing swift tempo changes and a variety of vocal styles, they find themselves floating somewhere between the likes of MEWITHOUTYOU and TOOL stylistically, as evident on tracks such as “Moustache Cash Dash” and “Andyouism”. This is very much thinking man’s rock, and despite putting on a strong set, they don’t quite capture the attention of the young crowd.

Facebook: /TheDecoyUK

Next up; Swansea based 5-piece NINETEEN FIFTY EIGHT [6], and the female-fronted pop-rockers dismiss all PARAMORE comparisons with their BLINK 182 / MALLORY KNOX inspired, energetic performance…however…by this point, the rugby really starts to get interesting…the lads from THE BLACKOUT show up, and more people are downstairs watching the game than they are the band, really not helping tonight’s gig one bit…

Facebook: /NineteenFiftyEightBand

Finally then, once the rugby is finished (which may I add, Wales actually fucking won!) tonight’s
headliners hit the stage. REAPER IN SICILY [8], who are in a celebratory mood, play to their strengths and deliver a tight set of melodic post-hardcore to the remaining crowd. Having only played a small handful of shows this year, their set varies between material off of debut album “Islands” and singles old and new such as “We Are The Show” and “Kings Of Solitude”.

They perform well, and really they are merely blowing away any cobwebs ready for the next part of their journey…there is new material in the works, which front man Rhys Bernardo is keeping tight-lipped about for the time being, but what is clear is this; RIS haven’t lost any spark and whatever they have up their sleeves is something you should probably get excited about…just…next time…don’t book any gigs on match day.

Facebook: /reaperinsicily

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