Thursday, 15 October 2015

Koshiro: 'Crown Of Venom' EP Review

Koshiro combine heavy riffs with moments of true melody on debut EP "Crown of Venom".

The crushing tones are reminiscent of Soilwork and Volbeat, while vocalist Ben Errington reminds this listener of Alterbridge wailer Myles Kennedy at points - no bad thing at all.

"King Of Snakes" is the bands opening gambit with a Distrubed-esque riff pattern while dischords and changes of tempo maintain the listeners interest. The group cites Of Mice and Men as an influence and OFMAM's fingerprints are all over "Necromancer", a brutal song that expertly swaps from one bracing breakdown to another.

"Creation Theory" begins with an excellent and chilling Michael Caine quote imploring the listener to "rage against the dying light" before a sinister riff-synth combo lays the foundation of a brutal number. Finishing with the emotional "Catharsis", Koshiro show a sentimental side, and a refreshing musical versatility.

"Crown Of Venom" is a thoroughly enjoyable listen, ticking many of the boxes metal fans internally tick with every listen. Koshiro have a bright future.

Facebook: /koshiromusic
Twitter: @Koshiro_UK

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