Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Gavin Talks to The Sun Explodes at TECH FEST

Here is our interview with the brilliant The Sun Explodes

Noizze: Excellent. So, hi. I'm Gavin from Noizze and I'm here with Alex from The Sun Explodes.
Alex Harris: Yes.
Noizze: Excellent so first of all, how have you been finding the festival?
Alex: Great, um it's our second year here. It's pretty much the same as it was last year but bigger and better. Pretty much the best festival we've been to. It's just so Friendly, everyone knows everyone. There's good music on all weekend. And there's never any trouble. So it's ideal really.
Noizze: Fantastic. Who have you most enjoyed seeing or who are you most looking forward to see?
Alex: Um, we're looking forward to Press To Meco. Friends of Press To Meco who are literally about to play. We enjoyed Neck Silver as always, who are always amazing. Agent Fresco, uh both of their sets were amazing. Uh Leprous on Friday night, they were great as well. And other bands all throughout the weekend. Friends' band Clockwork, well, they were great.
Noizze: Yeah, yeah. Now, genre is a very tricky subject particularly when it comes to metal and everything. I mean no one likes the classification but I know it's a pretty useful grouping and given the fact that this festival is called TechFest, I'm picking up on that technical element and I'm just kinda wondering how that feeds into your music?
Alex: Um we always... well these days we just tend to give the genre progressive metal when people ask us what genre we are. We aren't um... well we're one of the least Tech-y bands on the bill probably but we have technical sections in terms of time signatures and stuff rather than technical guitar parts. Really that's where we fit into that I suppose.
Noizze: Cool, I see. And who would you say is your biggest influence is? Musically?
Alex: Uhhh it's a difficult one because when we write music we generally try to make sure it doesn't sound like a combination of our influences, if you know what I mean? So, it's difficult.
Noizze: Yeah.
Alex: And we all grew up listening to different things. I mean, like Dave grew up listening to stuff like Voltaire and uhh King Crimson and like Proggy stuff like that and I grew up listening to Queen and Metallica. Big Rock and Metal.
Noizze: Yeah.
Alex: Stuff like that so they are the two things that have all come together I suppose, but...
Noizze: Fantastic.
Alex: We try to keep it sounding reasonably original rather than like our influences at all.
Noizze: Yeah. I also believe that you guys are playing Euroblast this year?
Alex: Yeah.
Noizze: Are you quite excited and everything?
Alex: Yeah we are. It should be good. We've never been but apparently it's quite like TechFest in Germany. So it should be great.
Noizze: Fantastic. Have you been just as a customer so to speak?
Alex: Nah, no. Never been. But we usually can't afford to do things like that if we're not playing if you know what I mean? It's just time off work.
Noizze: Yeah.
Alex: and money and stuff.
Noizze: Fair. Nah I certainly understand. I also believe that you also have an upcoming EP? Um how have you do you feel about it?
Alex: The Calm- the EP is out it's been out a couple of months now.
Noizze: Sorry, that's my bad.
Alex: It's alright. But yeah it's gone well. It's been received well as well as it could have done we played some music off it this weekend and people seemed to like it. So.
Noizze: Cool, so happy with it's release?
Alex: Yeah, yeah.
Noizze: Fantastic. So what actually influenced the music for the EP?
Alex: Um The EP was kind of a... a culmination of the last two or three years it's kind of like a... the best of the way that we've been writing for the last two or three years if you will. We've kind of, I kind of ran out of ideas and we've moved on to.
Noizze: Okay.
Alex: It's why it's an EP 'cause I kind of ran out of six-string ideas and that.
Noizze: Fair enough.
Alex: The next album we've moved on to, we've got a different tuning a seven-string tuning. Just to try and get some new ideas out.
Noizze: Okay, so it's almost like a stepping stone to next... album and everything.
Alex: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Noizze: Okay, well, it's good that it's been well received and everything.
Alex: Yeah.
Noizze: That's fantastic. Also, we're quite interested in the UK scene and everything. I just wondered if there was any particular bands that you saw that was upcoming that you... you thought that this, this is amazing.
Alex: (laughs)
Noizze: Why hasn't this got a bit more of a backing?
Alex: To be honest um the scene that we're in, that's pretty much every band you know?
Noizze: (laughs)
Alex: It's a, it's a tight nit scene and it's got a good support in TechFest but a lot of the tours that bands sort of our level and even bigger bands even Monuments sometimes struggle in the UK and they're pretty much at the top of the UK Tech scene. So um It's difficult to pick ones out because it's all these bands, basically.
Noizze: Yeah, yeah. Fantastic, is there any advice that you would give to someone that's just starting out or just up and coming?
Alex: Yeah uhh always basically always write the music for yourselves because we've time and time again, not this weekend, but we've time and times again seen bands on stage. And you watch the band and it's oh it's apparent that some of them aren't enjoying it. And it's like if you're not enjoying playing your own music live then you're going to give up before you get anywhere, so.
Noizze: Yeah.
Alex: You've got to do it for yourself in that, in that term in terms of that but without it being too self serving. So it's uhh difficult line to walk really but that's the key making sure you enjoy what you're doing because if you can't enjoy doing it while you're making no money then you'll, you'll never get anywhere.
Noizze: Fantastic. Well final question then, we like to be a little bit random so this probably just a little bit out there.
Alex: Sure.
Noizze: If you're band was a video game what would it be?
Alex: Ooo (laughs) uhh did you ever play Super R Type on the Snez?
Noizze: I didn't actually.
Alex: Ahhh, that one 'cause you could never get past the first level because it's impossible.
(all laugh)
Alex: There you go. That popped into my head I don't know why.
Noizze: Fantastic. Alright, well thank you very much. We really do appreciate this.
Alex: Pleasure. Nice to meet you.
Noizze: Cheers, you too!

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