Thursday, 8 October 2015

Fenrir: 'The Rise' EP Review

So a few weeks back rising rock talent Fenrir released their new EP aptly named 'The Rise'. We gave it a good ol' checking out. See below:

Opener 'Tell My Wife I Said 'Hello'' is full of catchy hooks and soaring vocals, enough to instantly capture the listeners attention and demand further listening.

The single 'Bones' with it's accompanying music video stands as the most atmospheric and energy-infused song on the EP. The video is a pre-apocalyptic disaster-piece that depicts what seems to be the end of the world. With great production both in the song and video it seems a great choice for the EP's initial single.

'Hurt Hands' drives in with a wall of sound that hits you instantly. The clean lead patterns and variation in drumming makes for a wholly full song the fills the listeners ears but, despite the amount going on, the song maintains it's structure and doesn't feel like it chops or changes too much. 'Einn' follows as a small instrumental guitar piece that is stunning and leads directly into 'Smoke Signals'. The song offers up high velocity sections that cut in between clean slower paced verses with some of the best vocals on the entire record.

Final track 'Victory Rose II' is perhaps the bands best display of their whole sound and diversity within that. The song builds from a slower paced verse to high energy chorus' that includes many of the amazing highlights seen in some of the other tracks. As the longest song on the EP it packs in everything the listener could want if they have made it this far.

Fenrir have created a sound that comfotably fits the gap that Funeral For A Friend are leaving with their most recent news of splitting up. The bands diversity is promising and if further releases excel on top of the raw talent they show in 'The Rise' then they will be on a similar sort of rise themselves!

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Twitter: @fenriruk

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