Saturday, 3 October 2015

Two Beats Apart: 'Aim, Fire' EP Review

Pop Folk Duo Two Beats Apart released their EP 'Aim, Fire' back on September 18th. The duo have been likened to Radiohead and City and Colour and have shown that they are a bright emerging talent. Here's a small brief on why you should be checking out the EP... like... now!

If anyone asks, I am a metal head at heart. This doesn't mean I can't enjoy other music, cause you know what, sometimes I get sad, and when I get sad I like to listen to sad music, sometimes I too can relate to Adeles haunting lyrics and soul nurturing melodies. Sometimes Deadmau5 is exactly what I want to get me amped for a night out and occasionally Ed Sheeran makes me feel really good about myself. So I can see myself listening to pop folk duo "Two Beats Apart" at some point in my life.

If you are in a really good mood though, I suggest maybe coming back later after your gold fish has died, or you drop your ice cream on the pavement or something. It's sad music, but it's very well crafted music with an uplifting message underneath. With a large amount of positive press behind them including a BBC introducing feature the first EP "Aim, Fire" is sure to set the duo up for a well anticipated full release at some point in the future.

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