Monday, 12 October 2015

Derange: 'The Awakening' Album Review

After the 'Change' EP Derange were looking to make a lot of headway as they entered the studio earlier this year for their first full length release. We at Noizze have been following these guys for some time now with a number of interviews and reviews of their work featured on the site and it's very rewarding to see them blossom with their full release. So if you're a big fan of Tesseract, Karnivool, Periphery, Dream theater etc then this will probably be right up your street.

One of the bands big selling points is the woman at the front of it all. Although no longer uncommon to see a female fronted metal band it is something that the UK does not have an abundance of, Cat Pereira is hell bent on changing that and has made a great start at it. Her vocals are well crafted and her screams are better than many of the lads in the business. This is well complimented by some very purposeful guitar riffs that showcase a very mature song writing approach and an incredible drum track that is subtle but technically awesome.

The album is unique, I have not in recent memory heard a band that sounds very similar and it brings a fresh approach to the genre. The tracks are incredibly well put together and overall it showcases a large amount of depth and variety to their individual abilities and collective passion for what they do. Production is top notch and it's all mixed together very well. Nothing feels out of place in the overall sound and the guitar effects are consistent giving the band a sense of having their own sound.

There is plenty of passion in this music which stems from their influences, there is plenty of Dream Theater in the songwriting however they do make it A) completely their own and B) entirely more accessible to for those who might not be as into the prog heavyweights style. They've taken a rather niche corner of prog and fused it with more popular styles like Karnivool with a lot of ease. With this said I feel that they could have pushed the vocal range more, all the notes fall quite comfortably in her range and at no point does it feel like there is a real push technique wise, apart from in the screams. Unfortunately what this does is lose a bit of potential emotion in the singing, it's all very clinically executed.

This is not a genre defining release, however it is a career defining one in that they are only going to improve from this, and if that's the starting block then we can all look forward to some very exciting stuff from them in the future. An awesome album that will probably find itself onto my top ten list come the end of the year and I look forward to a lot of great stuff from them.

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