Friday, 2 October 2015

A Mouth Full Of Matches: 'White Flags' Single Review

After reviewing A Mouth Full Of Matches previous single 'Demon Days' I was really looking forward to getting the time to take a listen to their newest single and I must say I am impressed! In addition I got in touch with the guys to ask them about all of the really cool stuff they have going on at the moment! Check it all out below:

So you guys are heading out on tour in support of the new single and to expand your touring experience, I hope we are looking forward to the tour? 

Tour is next week! Starting the 23rd September- going to Brighton/Cardiff/London/Manchester and finally Birmingham :) We cannot wait to get on the road with our new friends Little Ghost and City of Ashes! And it will be so awesome to see everyone's faces in the crowd! LETS PARTAYYYY!

Here is what we thought of the new single:

'White Flags' feels like a move forward in the right direction. The change between chunky sounding guitars in the verse and atmospheric hooks during the chorus make for a well structured and easily digestible song. In terms of progression both the song and video seem very professionally made and are definitely miles ahead of many bands at their level.

Describe 'White Flags' to us, what went into the writing process and what does it mean to you? 

We all took part in the writing process, it was very hard hitting and energetic to us. Lyrically it wasn't and angry song but the passion was there, we wrote it about how you would follow someone to your death and not necessarily agree with all that they do. But you go along with the ride just for the thrills. We hope it hits hard when we play it on tour! :)

Does it differ to previous single 'Demon Days', How? 

Demon Days was very mysterious but White Flags is just full on in your face! Both singles mean a lot to us, Demon Days feels like that moment of uncertainty and waiting, constantly building up to something. White Flags just hits you in the face and says everything inside you head. That's what we wanted anyway :)

What's next for you guys? 

We are constantly writing new songs and hope to put a selection of them all together one day. We hope to play bigger shows and festivals in the near future and meet some more of our lovely fans!

The song is intense and full of energy. It's another banger to add to their collection and one that I personally feel is their best song to date.

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Twitter: @AMFOM

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