Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Bastard Sons: 'Smoke' Album Review

I've perched myself at my desk to the fantastic fist pumping melodies of The Bastard Sons newest release titled "Smoke". For fans of the likes of Cancer bats, Lamb of God, Clutch and As I Lay Dying, the York based quintet have found themselves in the midst of what i think is gonna be a very good year for them. Simply put the album is brilliant.

Often in this genre you find bands that recycle the same riffs and structures across an entire album, with almost no variation or depth in their song writing. The Bastard Sons are not one of these bands, The heavy is heavy, and there's a good variety of it, but they also have tracks like their first single "A Lie Is A Lie" that features elements that wouldn't go amiss in a Sum 41 album, this followed by the very sombre "Sobre La Muerte II" which is a very inspired southern rock song, heavily contrasted by the balls to the wall U.S. Against them. The band is clearly trying to show they are not a one trick pony and have a great depth to their song writing.

A very strong effort from The Bastard Sons that will no doubt see them touring with some big names in the coming months. That said I think we need to see more from the group before they'll be recognised as a headliner. The album is great but I think they're only scratching the surface of what they can accomplish. Album highlight for me is definitely the slightly haunting "Stay True" a well written track that i feel they could have pushed more, which is the case with many of their ideas, it seems as though instead of following the road through the dark forest to see where it leads, they've found a nice spot under a shady tree in a nice cool breeze and settled down for the summer.

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