Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Vhod - 'Dreamcleaver' Review

VHOD are new on the scene having only recently formed in 2014 but with a debut album coming out November 13th 2015 entitled 'Dreamcleaver', VHOD seem ready to give it their best shot.

'Dreamcleaver' opens its metal fairly well but it only seems to build which is a strange approach for an album, saving the best till last. For those unfamiliar with VHOD the extreme metallers give their take on Death Metal and give a sound similar to Bloodbath or early Amon Amarth in places and it's honestly nice to see this sound making a come back. 

Though they aren't afraid to make things new, as songs like 'Dragon Sand', 'Now Underground' and 'Obsequies' prove. They give a slow death, mix in some harmonies/clean vocals and offer something instrumental respectively. This isn't to say there aren't powerful songs that offer their take on the classic Death Metal sound.'So Pass Away/Locus Mortis', 'Reap the Harvest' and 'Flesh For Our Swords' are powerful contenders in this way and prove that they can hold their own. 

Overall a powerful album and a good start. Sometimes the earlier tracks blend into each other without offering anything too memorable but this doesn't hold them back. The guitars generally offer some good shred-work, whilst not being afraid to try new things. A good effort from VHOD!

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