Sunday, 27 September 2015

Tesseract: 'Polaris' Album Review

I cannot begin to express my excitement when the e-mail to review a new Tesseract album came up on my screen. As a long time fan of the band I was already excited about its September release date with an itunes pre-order already setup. I wanted to do this review weeks ago but wanted to really soak up the music before putting any words down. Tesseract is not a band you can just 'get' on the first listen. Having learnt this from 'Altered State', an album I really wasn't sure about at first and is now one of my favourite releases of all time.

So, Dan is back, focusing his full efforts once again on Tesseract after his immensely successful second release with Skyharbor "Guiding Lights". We suddenly find the rather different approach he adopted during his time away changing the natural progression of where we all thought Tesseract would go after the brilliant "Altered State." Dans new, more graceful singing style and emotionally charged lyrics have brought a whole new element to the songwriting arsenal that contrasts the more familiar Djent sounds they have created previously.

I feel i'm beginning to ramble a bit so lets take it back a notch... simply put I fucking LOVE this album. It is an incredible fusion of two different styles of progressive metal that have blended together perfectly. Listening to this album sends me into a weird state of total nerdgasm so excuse me if I spew my nerdcum all over the keyboard.

Ok Frank, Focus.

Lets go back to the Facts. "Polaris" is the third studio release from Tesseract, and the follow up to an extremely highly regarded "Altered state" which was in itself a genre defining moment for the UK metal scene. So whats the natural thing for a band to do when they've found an awesome sound that has garnered them a large amount of success? Well you throw it all out the bloody window of course and take things to the next level. We still have the very recognizable guitar sounds that makes the band stand out from any other on the scene with riffs that clearly feel very Tesseract esque in their syncopation (+1 musical nerd terminology). However the overall sound and direction of the band seems a lot more unified than it ever was before. it feels like it's become simpler, which is not to say it's simple music, but it all falls so nicely into place. Everything sits very beautifully in the soundscape.

The one word i like to use a lot when talking about whether or not a band is good or not is evolve. For all the bands that i have insulted using this word in the past, here is your shiny example of what I mean. Even going back to the first release 'One' there is an immensely clear evolution of sound and songwriting across all three albums, they are all different in some way, they are all improvements on the last and with this one i believe they have created another genre defining moment for the UK metal scene.

Album highlights include 'Hexes', 'Survival', 'Phoenix', 'Messenger' and 'Seven Names' which is already over half the album.

Simply put this album is incredible and i will be highly surprised if it isn't sitting at the top of everyones list come December. I'm already having sleepless nights over seeing them in the new year and recommend that everyone has to buy this album on September 18 when it's released. It will in time become a staple in any metal lovers collection.

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