Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Gavin Talks to Neshiima at TECH FEST

Here is our interview with the mighty Neshiima!

Noizze: Welcome! Well I hope I don't ask you questions that you've heard a thousand times over.

Calum Stansfield: Don't worry.

Craig Rankin: We'll just make up answers and make it exciting.

Noizze: So how are you finding the festival so far?

Craig: Awesome!

Calum: Yeah and super chilled out, really.

Craig: Yeah cos of the music that's getting played the vibes amazing. Relaxed people here too which is strange.

Noizze: Who would you say you've enjoyed most so far? And who are you most looking forward to?

Danny Cameron: Most looking forward to is Sun Explodes.

Craig: Most definitely.

Liam Hesslewood: We arrived when Plini were on stage and for me, walking into that, it's a major highlight. Right now I'd still say they were one of the best performers I've seen. Really really.

Danny: See who we've got tonight. See who else is good.

Liam: Oh for sure.

Noizze: Excellent, how would you describe yourselves to a newcomer who has never heard of you before?

Liam: Fun, Metal.

Calum: Yeah. Or Grindcore or something like that.

Noizze: (laughs) that's a good way of putting it!

Craig: Just fun. Yeah, good laugh. Good times.

Danny: Yeah, it all depends on people which probably don't appreciate but the least we have good times as well. It's what everyone tells us as well.

Liam: I always write songs that we enjoy and other people seem to listen to.

Noizze: How would you describe the UK metal scene?

Craig: Yeah they don't get Metal all the time though. It's like something that's getting really pushed to the forefront.

Calum: Yeah there's a corner of it. Tech-Metal is a huge success (laughs).

Liam: Blooming.

Craig: Blooming! Blooming is the word to use there.

Noizze: Okay, who's the first band that you saw live?

Danny: For me it was Godsmack supporting Limp Bizkit in Glasgow.

Liam: I saw Pantera at the Reinventing the Steel tour 1999.

Danny: Hate it every time you say that...

Andrew MacDonald: Yeah that that's really...

Calum: ... It's really annoying isn't it?

Andrew: Yeah.

Liam: Boom! (laughs)

Calum: 'cause I got Melon Colin, punk bands they're awesome. I was 13 it was amazing (laughs).

Andrew: I saw AC/DC when I was 13 or 14.

Danny: Impressive.

Noizze: That's pretty cool. As a band who would you guys like to play with?

Calum: I think we've said Carnivore a few times. Carnivore would be ridiculous! Just because it's Carnivore. Bizzy Bam, Sikth.

Liam: Sidney Walker.

Craig: Phil Collins...

Calum: ... And Phil Collins. There you go! Done! Top Five.

Danny: We start doing a tour like...

Noizze: Fantastic. What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

Liam: Camping! Being able to camp... and still being alive.

Craig: Being able to do two years intensely and not hate each other. Still being happy and we keep pushing forward.

Danny: Yeah we still hate each other.

Craig: I still hate, I hate myself.

Noizze: Do you have any advice to bands who are starting out?

Calum: Talk to absolutely everybody.

Andrew: Make as many friends as possible.

Calum: Yeah even if it's just someone you've spoken to for five minutes you'll be able to speak to them again and that's always a good thing.

Andrew: Everyone's worth it, yeah.

Craig: Get details, numbers, make friends, ask questions.

Andrew: Don't get impatient, you know. Always commit. Wait for things.

Liam: On the back of what Andrew said as well, don't be scared about barreling everyone you've got into it. Because regardless of the fact that you end up skint. You only get out of something what you put in.

Noizze: If you guys were a video game, what would you be?

Calum: Andrew! Don't say anything.

Andrew: I'm not going to. You guys, you guys can. Shh!

Calum: He's actually got a Bloodhorne t-shirt on and everything.

Craig: I think, I think we would be Super Smash Brothers because we're just mayhem.

Calum: We're various characters from Mario.

Craig: That makes it sound like I've put more thought into that but that's just popped into my head.

Noizze: That did actually sound very well thought out.

Craig: Yeah. That or Tekken. Or Phil Collins, we'd be Phil Collins.

Danny: I'd definitely be Guitar Hero. 'cause I'm good with a guitar but I can't play anything.

Craig: Dan, Danny's the most convincing with a guitar, more than anybody.

Danny: I can look awesome with a guitar but I'm not touching the strings. I'm touching the three buttons and it's very light.

Noizze: Thank you very much!

Callum: Thank you.

Craig: Cheers.

Danny: Thank you very much.

Liam: Thank you.

Andrew: Thank you.

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