Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I Cried Wolf: 'Hollow Heart' EP Review

Hailing from Oxfordshire, I Cried Wolf explode out of the heavy rock scene with a very undignified, unapproved and un-fucking-believable album "Hollow Heart".

Combining Gallows-esque aggression and panache with Beartooth riffs and hardcore breakdowns, ICW are a cocktail of some of the heavy scene's better elements, with the guttural punch of a broken bottle of vodka.

The hardcore ride of "Scratching My Head With Ink" opens the EP before "Massokiss Me" displays the bands versatility - from Harry Davies's jack the lad vocal lines to some soaring lead guitar and true moments of melody.

Produced by Sam Winfield, a man who worked with Bring Me The Horizon - you can hear elements of the Sheffield band's influence in both the songwriting and studio work - ICW transitioning from crashing sounds to subtle, cleaner phases.

"It Takes A Slave" is a highlight - a deliciously heavy track laced with smatterings of genuinely entertaining vocal lines and lightning quick alterations of mood - the concluding passage a satisfying solo (still great to hear those in metal) riff combo that reminds the listener that this band don't pull any punches.

I Cried Wolf are an energetic, brash invasion of the eardrums - mixing punks ignorance with some of metal's dexterity and hardcore's pace and brutal precision. "Hollow Heart" is a must-listen.

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