Sunday, 27 September 2015

Dream State: 'Consequences' EP Review

Dream State are an Alt-Rock/Post-Hardcore band from South Wales, UK. The band will be releasing their debut EP 'Consequences' on November 20th. Here is what we thought of the EP!

'Burden' opens and if you haven't heard the bands sound yet then your definitely not ready for what is about to hit you. The song chimes in with all the makings of a metalcore slammer and then enter vocals. Much like Marmozets who have risen to new heights this year because of their unique sound Dream State hit you with the same natural talent. Vocalist (Charlotte) holds a high raspy tone packed to the brim with angst and emotion and it is really something you feel you can get behind. The song itself is fast paced. "get up, get up, stand up, stand up" couldn't give you any more reason to feel motivated to lose your shit.

'Burn Them Down' and 'Relentless' range from having a fast, punky vibe to having verses much like a Paramore track. Fastened pace in the chorus with high ranged vocals makes for a high velocity feel. The second verse shows soaring vocals with raw passion oozing out of it. 'Relentless' sees more screaming vocals. I feel it necessary to bring up the lack of female vocalists in rock music, and though we are seeing an increase, it is amazing to hear a fantastic vocalist like this able to provide screaming vocals too. To be fair they sound insanely good too!

'Try Again' highlights the bands diversity and deviates slightly from the high pitched screams/cleans that is their general sound. The brutality and passionate ferocity are still very present though the tempo is slower which gives the listener more time to appreciate the individual aspects present in the bands music. 'Rebuild, Recreate' is the bands second single off the EP. The opening is like a calm before the storm. The song ends the EP and couldn't better showcase the incredible vocal range from soft cleans to harsh screams. The song itself builds to lengthened screams. The whole song is instrumentally tight and the solo roars over an amazing sound.

From beautiful tone to brutal screams Charlotte (Vocals) is definitely the bands most intriguing and interesting factor. That said, the musicianship is a great base layer that can be too easily overlooked. Fuse together these amazing vocals with the bands creativity and Dream State prove why they will excel to new heights with this EP. This is an incredibly strong debut EP and if the band continue along this path they will no doubt be ones to watch rise quickly. This is female fronted metal at it's best, merging together an accessible sound with an awesomely heavy backing.

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Twitter: @DreamStateUK

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