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Burials: 'The View From Here Is Beautiful But The Air Is So Thin' Album Review

I love hard working bands that pour their honesty into what they do. Burials are no different. The hardcore rockers have been busy sculpting an album with an extremely long title; 'The View From Here Is Beautiful But The Air Is So Thin'. Let's check it out.

The band state that this album is presented "as is" with no gimmicks and is an honest representation of a work conceived over the last few years:

"Though not a concept album in terms of a present narrative, thematically the songs deal with human experience in one form or another, from confusion and self doubt, through anger and disgust pricked with moments of contemplative hopefulness."

Here is our track-by-track review of the album:

1. In Medias Res

The track chimes in with an instantly enticing riff that progresses with the addition of raspy vocals. The track is full of elongated sections of big sounding guitars and what almost seems like poetry coming out as a lyrical anthem.

2. Gloaming

The song was released as the band's first single off the album and there is a reason why, it's really good. The track feels like a Beartooth song full of chaos and brutality. The crashing guitars make the song and the odd breakdown section sits in effortlessly.

3. I've Been Trying To Leave

Take Bring Me The Horizon and rewind back to 'Suicide Season'. The reason that the album was so good was because of their sheer brutality and ability to deliver catchy hooks and ranged screams at the same time. I feel that 'I've Been Trying To Leave' encompasses a lot of what you heard on said album and wouldn't feel out of place.

4. I Should Have Been A Pair Of Ragged Claws

The song shows diversity with sections of high tension guitar that lay a base for raspy vocals. The changes in pace can at times be a little choppy but as a whole the track encompasses a great sound from Burials.

5. It's Happening To Us

Without leaving you a moment to rest, 'It's Happening To Us' is high velocity from the outset and doesn't let up. The intricate breakdowns give the song more depth with a lead section placed over an otherwise very basic riff.

6. Dusty Corners

The opening to this song is great. Why? Cause it doesn't start with a chuggy riff. No complaints about the album so far but 10 really thrashy hardcore songs would get very samey. 'Dusty Corners' is a stunning listen and a personal favourite. The instrumental song builds through beautiful clean guitars and builds to add the distorted buzz that by this point we know as the Burials sound. Great song to nicely break up the album.

7. Loathe

Well it wasn't going to last forever. 'Loathe' is straight back in with the band's fast riffs and and raw vocals. The song feels like dark and menacing. Surely a fantastic track live too. 

8. Draw Back Your Hands

At a whopping 5 and a half minutes this track feels a little long. With the album offering so much already, at this point it is easy to stumble on tracks you have already heard. That's unfortunately the case here. That said, the track demonstrates all of the qualities I have enjoyed hearing from Burials so far.

9. Wonder

The rolling drums feel like a much welcomed shake up. The double kick pedals throughout the verse section change up the pace of the song. The group shouts/screams and simple yet effective breakdown section again add layers to the song. Spoken word that we saw a glimpse of earlier on re-enters and fits into the song fantastically. 'Wonder' is the most creative track on the record and a personal favourite. Think Being As An Ocean and While She Sleeps bundled into one. YEAH.

10. Satis

'Satis' is another mammoth track weighing in at 5 minutes 14 seconds. The introduction is incredible mixing together the musicianship we heard in 'Dusty Corners' and combining it with the vocalists fantastic preaching before building up to and kicking in to one last hardcore anthem from Burials.

This album is one Burials should definitely be proud of. The band has some serious potential showcasing both their musicianship and their ability to make mosh-worthy music. There are glimpses of further creativity when the band take a step back and allow for the vocalist to add his lyrical prowess to the music making more of a poem than a song. Burials have nailed the album only to come up short on making a song that merges their sound with a more accessible one to broaden their fanbase.

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