Sunday, 27 September 2015

Beach Weather: 'What A Drag' EP Review

The emergence of this band is a special one for me. Fronted by one of my favourite artists, Nick Santino, this band marks yet another step in a journey that has seen the singer transform and evolve and in my eyes jump from strength to strength. But enough lick arsing from me, what does this new exciting band have to offer. The quartet have sprung into existence and with it have released their EP 'What A Drag'. Lets take a look...

The sleaze of opening track 'Wolf' has the listener enticed from the beginning. An electronic buzz followed by simplistic bass, sporadic synths and intricate guitar patterns placed throughout make for a very full track that hits you in a big way. The chorus is uplifting and catchy. Sitting at the top of the vocalists range the song makes as something unheard of for Nick stylistically.

'New Skin' is perhaps the catchiest song on the EP. The song is full of life and has tonnes going on. The indie synth that opens the track and continues in the chorus is beautiful too. The song is emotive, catchy, great to sing along to and perfect for anywhere the sun shines!

'Bad Seed' weighs in as more of a dance track but with some serious groove. A lot of success can be seen from dance tracks that aren't entirely synthesized and electronically created as so many pop tracks are nowadays. The likes of 'Uptown Funk' and 'Get Lucky' have been songs that have brought back an almost 80's party vibe and have been popular because of that. This song is no different. Full of stylistic sweeps, catchy hooks and vocals that are packed with cool this song has all the makings of a summer anthem.

'Swoon' brings in bluesy bass and lays it under dual vocals and harmonies. "Don't you know your just another heartbreaker" is the line that sets the main hook with style. The song is steady yet manages to easily set apart the chorus with addition of a more full sound rather than a change in pace. Its clever, cool and holds a really chilled vibe.

'Rebel Sun' is perhaps the most rocky track on the EP and also draws it to a close. It has a very Springsteen/Gaslight Anthem feel, especially in it's chorus and in the songs general structure. The accelerated chorus is packed with feeling and emotion and the inclusion of plenty of keys, synths and hooks makes for a beautifully held together song.

It is very often that a vocalist can sound extremely samey no matter what project they start but here we see a whole new era for Nick and his new band! Beach Weather probably couldn't be a more perfect name for these guys and in short it may best describe them too. If it's summer where you are then crank this up on your stereo and go for a drive!

Facebook: /beachweathermusic
Twitter: @BeachWeather

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