Friday, 18 September 2015

Alex's Alternative Fridays #7: Matt's House

Matt's house are a young alternative band from London. Some incredibly chilled out vibes are clear in their first demo: I can Think. This really is a great track, it clearly shows some raw talent amongst these young lads and some atmospheric sound-scaping which ties the track together. Although not necessarily as psychedelic as one may have hoped, this is certainly a track reminiscent of bands such as Australian rockers; Pond. Some of the soaring yet minimalistic guitar lines towards the end are definitely tapping into a vein of energy many of the best bands find themselves unable to harness. However Matt's house deliver a terrific performance on this track. For a first demo this track is undeniably longer than many may expect, however although in some cases this could put off a prospective listener, in this case shows the true scope of this bands' abilities.

Another great track the guys have released happens to be an excellent live recording of their track; Home. This gives us an excellent insight into their live performances which by the sounds of it are pretty lively. Another track, Dzem, is a riveting instrumental jam which fully showcases the instrumental abilities in this unit. Although this is a great track, it certainly provides a difficult listening experience to hold on until the end and whilst the band are clearly engaged, I imagine they would struggle to keep their audience in the same state.

Matt's House have a truly awesome sound and some really great tracks. For those who are fans of bands such as Tame Impala or Temples I would definitely recommend a listen!

Check them out here:

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