Friday, 4 September 2015

Alex's Alternative Fridays #6: My top 5 Cribs' songs

The Cribs were formed out of Wakefield in Yorkshire however, their sound has managed to pierce through unruly ears around the globe. With their most recent album, For All My Sisters, having been released this year, the Cribs are now set to embark on a massive headline tour of the UK. Here are my top 5 Cribs tracks!

5. Lights Went Out

Released on their debut album, this track has seemingly been buried under hundreds of newer, more refined tracks. However nothing is more satisfying than listening to the real roots of a band and this definitely fulfills that purpose.

4. Come On, Be a No-one

This track was released on a more recent outing, 2012's In the Belly of  the Brazen Bull. It's a pretty huge track with a sixties-style intro and some 90's grunge-esque guitar tones.

3. Anna

Anna is a better opportunity to hear some of The Cribs' more grungy influences and certainly delivers a sound reminiscent of Nirvana's later years and more recent band, The Wytches. Again, this track is from 2012's In the Belly of The Brazen Bull.

2. Men's Needs

This track is arguably the biggest Cribs song ever and it is undoubtedly one of their best!

1. Be Safe

I am sure that the many Cribs fans among you may find this extremely unexpected but this truly is one of the greatest tracks I have heard. Whilst, the monologue in the background touches on some extremely poignant topics, it is just the execution of this technique that leaves me stunned and speechless every time I hear this track.

There you have it, MY top five Cribs tracks, what are yours?

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