Saturday, 22 August 2015

VASA: 'Fat Ronaldo' Single Review

Scottish Instrumental Post-Rockers VASA have announced their debut album 'Colours' which will be released on the 16th October. The band will be appearing at this years Mugstock and ArcTanGent Festivals among others. VASA have also released a new single from the upcoming album called 'Fat Ronaldo'. We checked out the single!

It is essential for all instrumental songs to have feeling to them as there is no vocals to carry the message. You want to feel like the guitars, drums, synths are speaking to you. The best way to listen is to see if it creates an image in your head and if so it's sparking creativity and in turn shows a well structured song.

The track if full of life and energy. There is a clear focus on the rock aspect with an almost breakdown structure throughout for the first three minutes that has a clean lead over the top that brings it to life. The catchy hooks kick in just after showing some fantastic musicianship (It's pretty important for an instrumental band to be decent with their instruments). The song is a mammoth five and a half minutes but the flies by feeling like it has taken you through a small journey.

The song is great and shows some real promise for the album. It is hard to connect with a song without vocals but I don't feel that is even an issue with VASA. Awesome stuff!

You can take a listen to 'Fat Ronaldo' HERE.

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