Sunday, 2 August 2015

TRASH Sign To Clue Records & Announce New Single + EP

Chesterfield based, dream-indie-pop band TRASH have joined the Clue Records family alongside Allusondrugs, Forever Cult and NARCS. The band are ready to unveil their first single '4 Miles' set for release in August which will be followed by the accompanying ‘Urban Glow’ EP .

As for the single, the genre could not explain it better. It makes me feel as if I am sitting on a cloud happily reflecting on life... (Pretty much what I did minus the cloud). Too much imagery? Well the song is beautiful, it strikes a perfect blend where no singular instrument/vocal particularly stands out and instead give you a very whole piece of music. I have been following a band from up north called Huskies that until now have been the only band of late to nail this sort of sound but TRASH are now up there with them.

Their classic sound is brought nicely into the current music scene that doesn't see band's like this often. The guitars sound incredible, the vocals are like a soft, soothing and warm hug and the bouncy drums bring it to life. A promising single and we look forward to the EP in August!

You can take a listen to the band's single '4 Miles' HERE.

Facebook: /trashhband
Twitter: @tr4shb4nd

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