Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Giving In To Ghosts: 'Skinchanger' Single Review

Giving In To Ghosts are a Cardiff based band that we have covered since our inception and it's nice to see them going strong and making new material! Let's check out their new single 'Skinchanger'.

The screams are fantastically brutal with great range from low growls to higher elongated shouts. Musically it's a solid metalcore/post-hardcore track that ticks all the boxes with heavy breakdowns and variation between the verse and bridge sections. The guitar solo over the fast-paced and thrashy breakdown makes a welcomed addition to the song and breathes some freshness onto a song structure that has otherwise been used frequently.

The only thing I can't seem to shake is the seemingly auto-tuned vocals. The clean vocalist sounds as if he has a good voice though there is an electronic element to it that doesn't match the brutality of the track. I'm no expert in studio recording but it's the only thing standing in the way of this being an absolute banger! I find my self banging my head and make my breakdown face but  then the chorus kicks in and I am slightly let down. (Also the opening sounds like BFMV's 'The Last Fight', anyone else?).

Overall this is a great track from the band and I really hope to hear more from them. On the next single however I would focus on the clean vocals and bringing them up to scratch with the band's music to help them excel further.

Get the song for free via the band's Bandcamp page HERE. You can check out the band's DIY music video for the track above!

Facebook: /GivingInToGhosts
Twitter: @GivingIn2Ghosts

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