Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sister Gracie: 'Animal' EP Review

Sister Gracie is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Max Walker. The 'Animal' EP will be out on 4th September. For those who haven't heard of Sister Gracie they are an Electro/House duo that focus on a blend of a dark and euphoric atmosphere with high energy.

Now I am not the biggest fan of house/electronic music but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate when it's done right. From the opener 'Bones' there is an instant feeling that your ears are filled with a soundscape. The constant claps backed by a jumpy and jazzy bass line that leads into some seriously baritone vocals would be completely different if it wasn't for the dance esque track behind it.

I love the clear inclusion of real sounding instruments within the EP. It doesn't feel manufactured, it feels creative and inspiring rather than a use of samples and triggers. From the recurring guitar riff played through in the EP opener to following track 'Let's Get It' that has a clear song structure with instruments aplenty included within it.

Each song feels fresh and exciting but sticks to have a clear bass line, solid structure and some form of chord progression. The infectious synths in 'Run' followed by the huge atmospheric aura of 'Fires' sit comfortably in the EP with a clear style though not feeling to samey. Closing track 'Animal' feels a little more on the epic side as if it could be on a film score/soundtrack. #the slow progression in the song leads up to a wall of sound rather than jumping straight in.

This style of music feels like it could be played on both house and goth club nights and feels appealing in a dark way. I find myself wanting to listen to the EP again despite not being a fan of the genre in the slightest so hats off to Sister Gracie for that! For fans of the house/electro genre jump on this when ti is released! You won't regret it!

'Animal' will be released on platforms including  iTunes, Spotify and Amazon so be sure to check it out!

Twitter: @sistergracieuk

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