Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Shadow Hunters: 'Into Tomorrow's Yesterday' Single Review

Shadow Hunters are an exciting two piece "goth-rock" band from the mighty Norway! The band have been together since 2007 and in that time have only released three self-produced singles. We don't know what has gotten into them recently but they have decided to begin work on an album. To give us a taste of the bands sound they have released a new single called 'Into Tomorrow's Yesterday'.

I feel goth-rock may be a misinterpretation of this fantastic duo. Despite that, they describe themselves as "Modern Energetic Sci-Fi Rock" which is similarly outrageous but far more apt. One thing's for sure, this new Shadow Hunters single is incredible. The atmospheric synths weave in and out of the song between a consistent raw and heavy guitar track and hard-hitting drumming. With the metal prowess of Dead By April and a vocal style similar to that of the new singer (Denis Stoff) in Asking Alexandria the song simply breathes energy and liveliness.

I love the use of the word HUGE to describe a song. I have used such a word for that of Bring Me The Horizon's 'Sempiternal', every single Linkin Park song and the 30 Seconds To Mars album 'This Is War'. You see where I am going with this, huge songs come from huge bands and if Shadow Hunters can take the raw energy they have pumped into this single and apply that to an album then they are about to blow up in so many genres. Keep and eye or two peeled as Shadow Hunters are on the horizon.

Check out the singe 'Into Tomorrow's Yesterday' with it's accompanying mesmerizing lyric video below:

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