Monday, 17 August 2015

Ryan Hamilton: 'Hell Of A Day' Album Review

People On Vacation's Ryan Hamilton is set to release his debut album 'Hell Of A Day' on the 24th August. After seeing much success in both his former band Smile Smile and now in joint project People On Vacation with Jaret Reddick (front man of Bowling For Soup), Ryan launches his first solo album. Let's take a listen:

From the opening track 'Be Kind Rewind' the listener is instantly flooded with an overwhelming happy feeling. You know that kind of music with the 4-chord guitar, cheesy lyrics, a dancy piano and "Na Na Na's"? Well Ryan manages to include all of that into the first 4 minute song and it is simply infectious. Second track 'Karaoke With No Crowd' continues along the same vein but with an almost Beach Boys vibe. 

'4 Letter Verb' has been released and is your first taste of the solo album. An accompanying lyric video, which you can watch via the video to the right, has been released prior to the albums release. The lyric video is simple, much like the other tracks on the record but clearly has one of the catchiest chorus' EVER! The dreamy summer sing-along is full of the same infectious vibe that is commonly heard throughout the album.

Tracks 'Take It On The Run' and 'Love Is Such A Chore' provide the slightly more stripped back guitar-based chill out songs that sit nicely among the other upbeat pop-punk/folk rock songs.

Highlights are hard to pick out from the remaining songs as the album is very strong as a whole but the outrageously catchy 'Respond To My Email' is full of hooks and has comical lyrics. The song would sit comfortably on any pop-punk album. 'Freak Flag' and 'Medicine' also shake up the general vibe with slightly harsher guitar sounds and break up the album nicely with a change stylistically.

If you are a fan of Folk, Pop Punk, Flowers and/or Happiness then your in luck because this album has all of that. Seriously though it is ridiculously shiny and happy with a sugar-coating of bubbles or something. Whatever Ryan was high on, whether it be love an incredibly happy guitar we want some. When the sun is out, crack 'Hell Of A Day' out and try to be sad...

Ryan will be hitting the UK this September for his House Party Tour. In addition the shows will be more intimate, so whether your a fan or want to be one we advise you catch this!

You can pre-order the album right HERE.

Facebook: /RyanHamiltonMusic 
Twitter: @ryanonvacation

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