Saturday, 15 August 2015

Permanent Ability: 'Good at Losing' Single Review

Permanent Ability are a grammy nominated LA based rock alternative band. They seem to have been taking their time releasing singles from upcoming album called 'Love You To Death'. Latest single 'Good at Losing' provides a nice showcase for what the band have to offer with their upcoming release.

The track opens with a fantastic blues funk to it. The stop-start guitar riff builds to include the addition of a full band and the result in explosive. There is a distinct influence of Red Hot Chilli Peppers that sits prominently throughout the song. You can hear that the band passionately put everything they have into what they do and it shows both through the song and it's production.

In terms of catchiness, the song sounds good and is definitely right as a single track. The likeness to RHCP does sit at the forefront of my mind whilst listening though works as a positive and a negative. Positive being that the sound is familiar and likeable and negative being exactly the same thing that it is familiar and not fresh.

Overall the song is good and shows promise for the album. The guitar work and production is clearly well done and the band obviously take themselves seriously.

You can take a listen to the track 'Good at Losing' HERE.

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