Thursday, 13 August 2015

Paperfriend: 'Memories' EP Review

Paperfriend are an alternative band from Maidstone with an infusion of indie and power pop influences. After the dissolution of previous band Saturday Sunset the band formed and ran a kickstarter campaign to enable them to release their 'Memories' EP. As a very new band they have pulled themselves together very quickly, let's take a look at the EP.

The band have a raw passion about them, an almost U2 feel. Opening track 'Heavy Heart' is a solid song. Simple clean guitars form the verse with sporadic anthemic vocals that soar nicely over the top. The song slides into a more distorted chorus and eventually bridge section much like the structure of a Biffy Clyro track. Despite this, the chorus doesn't quite seem to bring the song to life like it should and I find myself enjoying the verses more.

'Nostalgic Nights' sits on the same vein but is a nice track to bob along to. 'Credit Card Lifestyle' is a bit different showcasing a higher tempo and fuzzier guitar sound. Lyrically the song feels slightly cheesy and dated. There isn't enough emphasis on the fade ins between sections of the song and just feel like they could do with a bit more power behind them. The Woah-Oh's don't match the lead vocals, I'm not saying that to be picky it's just that the vocal styles of the backing/lead are noticeably very different.

'Start A Fire' is more acoustic based and that seems to be where the band excel. It again sounds very U2 and the vocals and song match far better than previous tracks. A wholly enjoyable song. Final song 'Colours' sits just right as a fantastic medium that compliments Paperfriend's more than previous songs on the EP. The Biffy Clyro influence clearly shows but it sounds a lot better.

The band have nailed down their guitar tones and the overall sound is nice but the vocals never quite seem powerful enough to provide that required roar power that is needed for aspiring arena rock. 'Start A Fire' and 'Colours' provide highlights and show potential.

Facebook: /paperfriendofficial
Twitter: @paperfriendband
Soundcloud: Memories - EP

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