Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Noizze's Interview with Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka of Decapitated

We didn't manage to catch Decapitated for a chat at TECH-FEST so we instead caught up with Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka (Guitarist and founding member) to quiz him on the festival and more.

Noizze: Did you enjoy the festival [Tech-Fest]?

Vogg: Of course, really, really like. It's our second time going. We've also been helping some of the polish bands last year and we liked how it looked. They invited us to play this year, and it's given us some great memories. Amazing, I feel really lucky and it's a great crowd. Hope to play there again. I wish the festival all the best, it's a great festival.

Noizze: Did you see many bands? Who have you most enjoyed at the festival?

Vogg: We unfortunately arrived at about 12 or 1 on Sunday. We were tired [and] it was a long flight. We saw the band just before us, Monuments. We saw maybe 3 or 4 bands. It's not my scene though it was really interesting, I did really enjoy it.

Noizze: How would you describe yourselves to a newcomer?

Vogg: Metal music, I wouldn't describe as death or thrash music. We've always wanted deliver power and make people feel better. Our message is to release positive energy and power. So when we take it on stage or on a speaker, people get that positive energy and power. There's a sort of destructive power, it's noisy. We wanted to share that power.

Noizze: The Polish metal scene seems to be going very strong and has helped define modern metal, how does it feel to be a solid part of that?

Vogg: Great, great to be a part of this sound! I feel really proud to be one of the most recognised bands to come out of Poland. Along with Vader and Behemoth. Also there's some of the smaller bands too, like riverside. It's great, we're proud and really lucky. What happened? You know. It's really cool, it's great to represent Poland.

Noizze: What band has most influenced your sound?

Vogg: Dimebag Darrell and uhhh Meshuggah. Metallica. Van Halen. And from like Death Metal some of the earlier sounds like Morbid Angel uhhh there's Vader. I was influenced by Thrash a lot like Testament. Lots of different things really.

Noizze: Being a solid part of the modern Death Metal sound, I’m eager to know which songs you’d say define this sound best, of yours and other bands?

Vogg: Morbid Angel's album 'Domination' is strong. Predator Lost's second album, great album. Old school. There's [again] Vader. First Deicide album. Um from us? I don't know maybe first album really. 

Noizze: Yeah I understand that it's strange to mention your own band but I mention this as 'Spheres of Madness' has become a bit of an anthem for me and my friends.

Vogg: 'Spheres of Madness' has definitely helped the band to be a more recognised band. But I grow tired of playing it, you know? I've been playing it for 14 years. But it's definitely a significant song for us.

Noizze: What do you think of the UK metal scene?

Vogg: Strong, a lot of great bands. I don't really try to spy on it? I'm not specifically interested in the UK scene. But you have a lot of classic bands. Big fan of Black Sabbath. In fact 100% of the classic bands are from UK. Iron Maiden, Queen, Led Zeppelin. But more metal. Well we toured with a band called Gorerotted, who are good. Fan of early Cradle of Filth, first four albums actually. Lock up. 

Noizze: What about the UK's reaction to your music?

Vogg: Great reaction, always a good reaction from the UK scene for us. Like the best reaction. 

Noizze: Best upcoming/new band?

Vogg: Any new bands? I've not really been looking, none are on my mind. It's not like a few years ago when Gojira or Meshuggah had the best albums. Cannot see any really but not really been looking.

Noizze: Any advice to bands starting out/in the local scene?

Vogg: Helpful to have good music. Take care of the sound, to be original and give it good production. A good label and people will really be helpful. Not looking for just money. You need a good manager. If you have shitty deals with people and a shitty manager and shitty label you won't get anywhere. .Also there's a wonderful community for metal. So always good to ask other musicians, don't do it alone.

Noizze: Most disturbing film you’ve seen?

Vogg: Uhhhh Holy Motors (2012), actually was a film I saw recently that was pretty disturbing in some aspects.

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