Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Noizze's Gavin Talks to F.O.E.S at TECH-FEST

Noizze Spoke with F.O.E.S. Here's the Interview from TECH-FEST

Noizze: Thank you very much for coming. I'm from Noizze and I'm with F.O.E.S. So how have you been finding the festival?

Joe Danher: Good. We only got here early afternoon today but a couple of our mates are playing today as well, we toured with Press To Meco last year. They've just done their set and Bad Sign were on earlier today so good to see those guys. Set went well.

Gavin: Fantastic, who have you most enjoyed so far and are you looking forward to?

Joe: Bad Sign's set was great, want to see Rolo Tomassi later on as well. Looking Forward to that.

Noizze: Fantastic, I know genre is a very tricky term when it comes to Metal 'cause nobody likes the classification or anything but it's a useful kind of grouping and considering that the festival is called Tech-Fest, I just want to pick up on that and ask you guys how would you feel your sound is represented by this whole idea of technicality?

James Lorenzo: Chris?

Chris Mackrill: Oh? Woah! (all laugh)

Chris: I think we [are] a bit of a sore thumb at Tech-Fest. We're not particularly Tech-y and so I don't really know.

Joe: We're not as heavy as lot of the bands playing particularly on record but live we're still quite got a large sound. We can be quite heavy at times and the live set can be too. I think that the progressive element of our songs kind of lends itself to this sort of thing. We are, like Chris said, pretty far removed from a lot of the line up but, it's not necessarily a bad thing. A few people have come over after the set and said they really enjoyed it. It was something a bit different.

Josh Catchpole: We've always gone down well with this kind of crowd. So we don't mind that we're a little bit of a sore thumb sometimes.

Noizze: There are certain other bands that also have that kind of element so I don't think it's a bad thing at all! So how would you actually describe the UK Metal scene?

Josh: Good people! Like one thing we've always found with like this scene is [that the] people are genuinely nice. They want to help everyone out which is nice.

James: There's the loyalty as well, isn't there?

Josh: Yeah!

James: Seeing the same faces at the same show or different shows is cool.

Josh: It's just people that like the music, and I like that.

Noizze: Fantastic! Personally who was the first band that you saw live, individually?

James: Mine was Anthrax, Actually.

Noizze: Some people come up with the most embarrassing bands ever but I hate you for that. (all laugh)

James: I remember the big mosh pit and I was quite young... and I saw this young kid going in like wailing and he came out with his ribs gone black and blue. And these big biker guys. So cool.

Josh: I think my first gig, well first proper gig, was Muse back in the early days. I was about 11 or 12. That was back when they were good.

Chris: Mine was Biffy, I was 13.

Joe: Mine was Weezer, I saw them at the Manchester Apollo, that's still my favourite venue I think.

Noizze: Fantastic, What band would you say you'd most like to play with?

Joe: We were talking about this a little bit earlier, weren't we? We saw Karnivool at the Ritz in Manchester. They're quite a big influence for us anyway. I think we're all agreed they're one of the best live shows we've ever seen. It'd be great to do a run with them.

Chris: Love to play with Circa Survive as well. That'd be cool.

Josh: Arcane Roots as well. I like them.

Noizze: Excellent, this one is a bit of a tricky one but what would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

Joe: There was a big wait with our new EP, 'cause we couldn't find the right home for it for a long time. There was lots going on behind the scenes and not a lot of output so we were really very pleased to be able to put the new EP out, which we put out two days ago. Te Label have been really great to us, a new small Label Crooked Noise, they were great about it. Management's been great. So that kind of felt like a big build up, on a whole things took a year. So I think [playing] live this has been one of the biggest things we've been on.

Noizze: Excellent and do you feel like the EP has been well received?

Joe: Yeah! It felt good. Like a step up, really good.

Noizze: Cool! Thinking about the local scenes and upcoming bands, who would you say are some of the best acts out there?

Chris: Black Peaks.

Joe: Black Peaks, yeah.

Chris: Amazing.

Joe: Yeah, Black Peaks were great. Carnival Kids are really good as well.

Josh: Think Press To Meco as well with their new album this year, it's going to be good.

Noizze: What advice would you give to bands that are just starting out or just trying to make it?

James: Be patient. Learn to be patient, I suppose 'cause you have to wait for everything. But the longer you wait the better it is I suppose.

Joe: Debate group spending. (all laugh)

James: Get a job! (all laugh)

Joe: Leave the band, get a job. (laughs)

Noizze: I just have one more which is a bit of a random one, a bit out there. How would you guys take over the world?

Joe: With a spear.

Noizze: A spear?

Joe: Yeah.

James: Just one?

Chris: With like loads of wasps... (all laugh). Because everyone hates wasps. If you were like Wasp King.

Noizze: There's a crappy B-Movie called The Swarm, it's got Michael Caine in it but it's about Bee's rather than Wasps but it was just a swarm of them. It's terrible.

Chris: Well, terrifying.

Josh: It's not been done right! Which is the problem.

Chris: I'm going with Wasps.

Joe: Wasps.

Josh: Wasps, yeah.

Joe: And a spear. Wasps and a Spear. (laughs)

Josh: You're right this is a weird one. (all laugh)

Noizze: Excellent, well that's absolutely everything. Thank you very much for your time guys. Really do appreciate it.

Joe: Thank you.

Josh: Thank you.

Chris: Yeah, thank you.

James: Thanks, appreciate it.

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