Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Gavin Talks to Agent at TECH FEST!

Noizze caught up with New Zealand rockers Agent at Tech-Fest. Dean, Matt and Gerard were nice enough to sit down with us to talk horror films, the UK scene and who they are enjoying at the festival.

Noizze: I'm Gavin from Noizze and we've got Agent with us! So first of all how are you finding the festival?

All: It's been brilliant.

Noizze: Who have you most enjoyed/Who are you most looking forward to?

Matt Flower: I was really looking forward to seeing Monuments but we're probably not going to manage to do that. We have to get back Sunday night.

Dean Gibb: Sumer.

Gerard Gill: Sumer, yeah. I think Sumer were pretty sick.

Noizze: Cool! How do you describe yourselves to someone who hasn't ever heard of you before?

All: (All laugh)

Matt: [Everyones] looking at me? Yepp.

Gerard: Mincemeat.

Matt: Nah, we're kind of like Tool and...

Dean: ... A mincemeat version.

Matt: Yeah we're not the sort of typical band with the typical elements.

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Noizze: Funny you should say that actually... 'cause I know that genres can be very hard to pin down especially when it comes to Metal. Also considering that this is Tech-Fest, I wondered what you guys would consider to be the technical elements of your band? What makes up your music?

Matt: Mostly strange time signatures and weird syncopation's we put in a lot of pretty interesting songs for the festival which meant Dean had to learn all three of them which are recent additions to our set.

Gerard: There are other elements as well. Not just music but when we sort of run up backing tracks we have some live visuals synced up to music so there's some technical shit on stage (laughs).

Noizze: Fantastic! How would you describe the UK scene? I understand that you guys are originally from New Zealand so how would you compare the UK scene with it.

Matt: Uhh well the UK scene is amazing compared to New Zealand. The Landmass of New Zealand is equivalent to England and Scotland and we're a lot less than five million people in the whole area. But down here in London you got nine million on your doorstep!

Dean: ... and all of them come to see you (all laugh)!

Matt: That's why it was always a pretty good option for us to be invited to do this because there's not enough people in New Zealand.

Noizze: I heard that you recently brought out a single too, how do you feel it's been received, in particular in the UK?

Matt: I think it's only been on the radio like a week.

Gerard: A week yeah so it's early days.

Matt: Monday wasn't it? It was on Kerrang and Radio One so far so yeah really good!

Noizze: Awesome! What would you say is upcoming for the band?

Matt: We're working on a Single at the moment and we're producing an album this year if all these go well.

Noizze: This next question is a bit of an interesting one, Who would you say your guys favourite up and coming band are?

Gerard: Ooo! A band called Black Peaks... Watch out for them next year or so...

Dean: I'll go with you on that one.

Gerard: Yeah. Black Peaks!

Noizze: Any advice for bands that are starting out?

Gerard: Don't start! Don't start (all laugh)!

Dean: Don't start, don't stop.

Matt: Yeah don't stop trying and just act as professional as possible and you've got time constraints... And make sure you bring your own Guitars!

Of bands we've seen before, this guys asked me like "ahh can I borrow your bass man?" He had forgot to bring a bass! No I said (laughs)! What the hell?

Dean: I got like a message like two hours into the journey asking if we could bring the kit and I was like "We already left. Sorry no." Yeah they didn't have a drum kit at all.

Noizze: Crazy stuff... Well last question then, this is silly but what's your favourite horror films?

Dean: All the Saws.

Noizze: All the Saws?

Dean: All the Saws.

Noizze: Even the crappy sequels?

Dean: Even the crappy sequels.

Noizze: Okay Dean.

Dean: Because they make you appreciate the first one even more. They're good. Like on purpose like.

Gerard: I can't do horror films man... Fuck (laughs) they scare the shit out of me.

Dean: Jaws.

Gerard: Ahh no... even The Simpsons scares me.

Matt: Last horror film I watched was something called Doctor Chopper. I'm not going to go into the accent but it was basically a white guy riding around on a chopper but it was pretty rubbish actually (laughs). It was quite brutal but yeah don't really have a favourite.

Noizze: Okay well that's all the questions we have. Thank you very much for coming down!

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