Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Noizze goes to TECH-FEST - The BIG Review pt.2

Here is the second part of our review of Tech-Fest! It's safe to say the festival was awesome and we will definitely be in attendance next year! ENJOY!

Giving everything they got, first up on Sunday crowd are Akarusa Yami. This Nottingham based metal act give an interesting sound to their melodies as they take the stage. A fairly new band on the scene having formed in 2010 and its obvious they want to give their two pennies worth to it!

Facebook: /akarusayami

Hieroglyph give a stronger punch and have interesting form with their melodic breakdowns and two singers giving a beauty and the beast approach to their singing. They are an energetic act and have a fun time with it. It is hard not to think of them as a much heavier version of Lacuna Coil but I have to admit that this would not be giving them enough credit in their own rights. A great band to see on the lineup to give a bit of flavour.

Facebook: /hieroglyphband

Now what could someone think of a band named Dali Thundering Concept? Surprisingly I doubt anyone could really expect precisely this. An energetic and melodic band giving powerful stop-start riffs, pounding the audience into moving. The band exercises a tight control going from blunt object to smooth atmosphere very quickly – and it works.

Facebook: /thedalithunderingconcept

FOES are an interesting band on the line up. Falling upon a more classical/indie rock approach to their particular stance on metal. They give a melodic atmosphere to what they do and it's catchy. This band adds further variety to the festival and give a good performance. It's likely this is a band that will stay with you, they are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Facebook: /fallofeverysparrow

Upping the ante with a powerful metal fist, No Consequence give a strong performance with hard and brutal riffs. They're clearly in love with what they do and it shows. They have their melodies tight and at their best they are truly heart-pounding. The crowd definitely feel the almighty punch that the band offers with their performance and it's hard not to enjoy their metal groove. A very strong act on the Sunday and certainly one to check out again.

Facebook: /noconsequenceband

Playing metal as straight as it should be played are Haken. The energy that they took to the stage made it feel like that they could have done with an even bigger one. Despite this they played well and their melodic music gave a rather fun atmosphere that at times reminded me of video game music with a good metal beat to it and a solid structure. A fitting band for a Sunday slot and they delivered beautifully.

Facebook: /HakenOfficial

Rolo Tomassi are one hell of an energetic band and their performance is stunning. It's also great to seeRolo Tomassi are worth a looking for those who don't know of them!
that the amount of female screamers in the metal scene is expanding. Quickly going from energetic screams to harmonic singing, she gives off a good range. This is a band that really connects with it's audience and they are a powerful band for the Sunday line up. Strong hitters and proud to keep on hitting,

Facebook: /rolotomassiofficial

Another one of the many casualties of the festival, Monuments performed without their singer. Also another band to show their endurance (the show must go on). As one of the more well-known band's on the bill their heavy-hitting presence thrives even without a voice. The crowd was eager to see them and they were eager to deliver their exploding performance on stage. They gave some interesting plays on the sound whilst clearly giving an energetic vibe with everything they did. They also are one of the few bands that are showing that a Saxophone can be very metal. It was a shame to not see the singer sing at all but they were thoroughly enjoyed and well received by the audience, they did not disappoint.

Facebook: /thisismonuments

As part of the build up for the end of the festival, there were some awards given out for the various competitions running. This also featured Chris Barretto of Monuments and gave for a good end to a fantastic festival. Check out some of the pics below:

However, delivering the final punch were Decapitated. This Polish Death Metal act gave a tight and brutal finish to the festival. Their music loud, proud and punishing, it was a nice hard hit to smash through the finish of the festival. The only problem was that their set felt brief. Far from a criticism, it's good to leave wanting more!

Facebook: /decapitated

So here is to next year! Cheers Tech Fest!

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