Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Neshiima: 'Beware Of Gifts' EP Review

Scotland's Metallers, Neshiima, bring us their new EP entitled 'Beware of Gifts' which will be released on August 28th.

It's highly versatile EP showcasing contrasting songs throughout, some powerful metal anthems and some calm melodic ones. It starts with a building melodic arrangement progressing into a more traditional sounding metal song.

But the next track, 'Those Who Suffer' feels stronger with a groovy riff and fast guitars, making it to be one of the better tracks on the EP. This power doesn't relent with the next track, 'Above the Storm', that gives a bit more melody before a good punch to the ear. From here we see a softer track, that is oddly fitting, especially as it builds into next track: 'The Cycle'. This track is power interchanged with melody.

Despite the versatility of the EP the final track isn't afraid to throw a final punch at us but overall 'Those Who Suffer', 'Above the Storm', 'The Cycle' and 'Become the Ocean' remain the strongest tracks of the EP and particularly for the harder rockers out there. This isn't to say that softer songs aren't with a surprisingly strong melody and they wont disappoint either.

Overall 'Beware of Gifts' is quite a diverse EP, showcasing some melodic elements and some hard punches with good use of drums and guitars. There's the hard hitters and the melodic songs and the EP feels like it is split into various sections at times, rather than an having an easy flow through. There's a lot on show here from Neshiima and it's definitely worth checking out.

Go catch Neshiima at their EP launch in Glasgow with some fantastic support acts too!

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Twitter: @Neshiima

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