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Gavin Talks to Subversion at TECH-FEST

Our lovely Gavin caught up with the boys in Subversion to talk music, tech-y-ness and time travel. Check it out:

Noizze: Sorry to have missed you guys play yesterday but thank you for coming. So I'm from Noizze. I'm Gavin and this is Subversion. So how are you finding the festival so far?

Jay Shields: It's alright. It's my fourth year, here. I love the place, I'm very hungover and very tired but it's all part of the fun and games you know? You just go with it. My voice is very slowly going. I hope it'll disappear by tomorrow! No voice whatsoever so I wont have to speak to anyone (all laugh).

Noizze: Who have you most enjoyed/are you looking forward to at the festival?

Jay: First time hearing Leprous.

Ben Atkinson: Yeah, love 'em.

Jay: So tight, so polished. Possibly the best show we've seen so far. Those and Carcer City are fantastic bands.

Noizze: Nobody likes the classification of genre but it's a means of grouping things together. I've got to pick up on the title of the festival Tech-Fest... How would you say your band fit into the 'technical' genre? 

Kai Giritli: I don't know we kind of dabble in every single genre. Everything we can possibly dabble in. Whenever we feel like it at the time. But this particular album we just released back in Feb?

Rich Lawry-Johns: Yeah February.

Kai: ... it's really Tech-y in the description and the music sounds really Tech-y. I think now more than ever we're more applicable for this festival than we have been before. First couple of times we've played Tech-Fest. Before this album, we were not very Tech-y at all.

Noizze: So you guys are from Kent. How would you describe the local scene?

Jay: The local scene in Kent is not fantastic. I mean it's not a great place for this sort of music. It's a bit more like the Thrash-y music.

Ben: Yeah, yeah there's a lot of metal bands.

Kai: There's a lot of bands that sound like Pantera, which is great but it's all the same.

Jay: As soon as you hit London there's just a big vibe for the Tech Metal scene. A really nice area. We're only half an hour's train journey or half an hour drive and it's good there.

Kai: Basically our local point anyway. We basically say we're from there.

Jay: [We just] Say we're from London. It's easier.

Noizze: So who's the first band that you ever saw live?

Kai: Ever, ever ooo.

Rich: For me, it was Killswitch Engage. Killswitch were awesome.

Kai: Mine was Simple Plan (laughs).

Ben: Simple Plan?

Kai: They were awesome.

Jay: Mine was The Offspring.

Kai: Oh nice!

Ben: Wow.

Rich: First album I bought was The Offspring.

Jay: Offspring were cool yeah!

Ben: Yeah. Not seeing them live but first record I bought... The first band I saw live was Korn.

Jay: Did you?

Ben: In a ball room, Spain. They were on stage the whole evening. They were with cages. So cool. I was dancing like anything. I'll never forget that.

Rich: He's a cage dancer?

Jay: Cage dancer for Korn?

Noizze: Yeah so similar to that, who is the band that you'd most like to play with?

Jay: That's a very easy one.

Ben: We know that.

Kai: I'd like to play with Soilwork.

Ben: Yeah!

Rich: Yeah!

Jay: That's mine, yeah. That's Kai's. That's Ben's. It's Soilwork.

Rich: Soilwork.

Jay: Easy answer (all laugh).

Noizze: I suspect this must be a bit more of a difficult one but what would you consider to be your biggest achievement so far?

Rich: There's a few isn't there?

Kai: Lasting as long as we have? (all laugh)

Jay: That's a fair answer, I'll go with that.

Rich: That's a good answer.

Kai: There's so many bands that can be at their heights and we've kinda been slow burners, slowly building up our fanbase. Playing the long games a little bit better, it means we can focus on our own lives as well as.

Jay: We've changed members a few times and every time it happens it's a kick. You get set back and to keep on going is. It's been hard. Innit? We've had big herds of stops which didn't go on for too long thankfully. I mean we broke up for a bit but we missed it.

Kai: I think we needed that though, we came back and we've been different. The way we treat the band now is different and before that as well we were kids. We've been doing this a long time...

Noizze: Thinking about the local scene, who would you say is like the best up and coming band?

Jay: Shattered Skies. For me. Shattered Skies.

Kai: I must say I missed them play.

Jay: First day, it was the first day and they were brilliant, absolutely brilliant. They should be higher up the bill. The show they put on, it's just perfect every time you see them. They just sound good every single time and they're good friends of ours as well! We love them to bits and they love us to bits. They're a good band to watch out for, everyone should check them out.

Kai: We know some. We've got Evades His Gaze.

Jay: Yeah Evades His Gaze.

Kai: They're music is impeccably titled. What's the band called that I missed again?

Jay: Clockwork. Clockwork were on the stage today.

Noizze: Yeah I saw them. I was quite impressed.

Jay: Yeah. They were good. For an opening band.

Kai: LeRouse was probably....

Jay: Leprous? Leprous?

Kai: I don't know how to say it (laughs) I've only ever seen it written down.

Noizze: I know that feeling! This one is probably a bit boring. Any advice for bands that are trying to make it or are just starting out?

Kai: Don't Rush.

Jay: Play the long game. It's not going to happen over night. It just doesn't. It doesn't happen over night.

Kai: You spend your time making the music and you do it with your mates in a band and you don't let it take over your life too much.

Jay: Don't let it get too serious too fast. It will drown you.

Kai: You get into that. It's that position where you want to get out of it and it'll just kill the band off. Members will start leaving. We know this because it almost did with us.

Jay: You've got to take your time to reconcile.

Kai: Take your time and have fun with it.

Noizze: Cool! Last question then, bit of a random one but we like to throw in something just a little random, if you could travel through time what would you do?

Jay: Travel through time?

Noizze: Yes.

Kai: Forward and back?

Noizze: Yeah, yeah.

Kai: Personally, I would keep travelling forward to when we start colonising other planets. 'cause that excites me (laughs).

Rich: I wouldn't go back in time and change anything because the way that things have turned out...like it's great you know?

Kai: Problem with going back is that you never know what you're going to effect but going forward... I'd like to know if we go extinct or if we see the galaxy. Yeah a bit gay, sorry (all laugh).

Rich: You're just curious that's all.

Kai: Yeah I guess I am, not in that way (laughs).

Noizze: (laughs) my minds in the gutter.

Jay: Scrap that. Scrap that (all laugh).

Kai: My bicuriousness (laugh).

Noizze: Cool well thanks guys it's been a pleasure.

Jay: Thank you Gavin.

Kai: Thank you.

Ben: Thank you.

Rich: Thank you.

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