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Noizze Interviews Josh Gilbert of WOVENWAR!

Frank had the opportunity to speak to Josh Gilbert of Wovenwar. If you wanna read about what plate of food the band consider themselves to be or whether Josh will be getting a sex change (We are joking, don't take that seriously!) then read further!

Noizze: Having a group of people that had already found success in previous projects, did you approach Wovenwar differently to before? 

Josh Gilbert: I think with Wovenwar, we felt a sort of [a] creative rebirth due to the expectations our previous bands being stripped away and it being a completely new project. We approached it with a completely blank slate and let the songs write themselves without any sort of limitations we may have put on ourselves before.

Noizze: I believe that all music has a motivation, whether it be to become successful, famous, tell a story or just express a single emotion, all music has a motivation. what is Wovenwar's motivation, why do you write music? 

Josh: For me personally, I've always thought that music expressed my feelings better than I ever could. Since picking up my first guitar as a kid, I never really stopped writing music. I never set out to make money or gain success by playing guitar, I just wanted to write something that made me and hopefully others feel something.

Noizze: Did you expect a certain amount of success from the new album, or did the fans reception of it completely take you by surprise? 

Josh: We honestly had zero expectations going into the release. Since the band was a complete secret until about 2 weeks before we released the first song, it was even more suspenseful for us. Thankfully, so many of our fans from our previous bands were excited about it, and I think given the nature of the new tunes we've been able to open ourselves up to new audiences that may have found our previous bands' sounds a little more abrasive.

Noizze: How has your audience changed from previous projects to this one, have you found that a lot of fans have followed you from before or is it a completely new gene pool of admirers? 

Josh: I think it's a mix! There are definitely those fans who felt personally betrayed by the series of events that led to As I Lay Dying's demise who have found it harder to jump right in and support 100%, but there are also brand new fans who have had our Wovenwar logo tattooed on themselves permanently. I think as time goes by, some of the more "resistant" fans of old will come around and take Wovenwar for what it is; a new and completely separate band that happens to have 4/5 of the same members.

Noizze: When did you realise that you were on to something, or that this could become something big?

Josh: When Shane and I first completed the vocals for "All Rise" we knew we were on to something special. That song and the way it came out definitely set the tone for the record as a whole and it came together pretty quickly after that.

Noizze: How do you know when an idea can turn into a song, when does a riff become a chorus line and a chorus a fully fledged track, whats your process for writing music? 

Josh: For me, it's sort of different every time. Sometimes I will "hear" a complete song with vocal melodies in my head before I've even touched a guitar. Sometimes I will agonize for a week just writing riffs until something connects. Other times, a riff from 6 years ago that went unused will pop up and happen to work perfectly with a new song. That's why songwriting never gets old...there's really no precise process so it always feels like you've discovered the holy grail when that magic aligns and a song results from it.

Noizze: Social media today is hailed for making it so much easier for musicians to stay in touch with fans, whats been the best interaction you've had with fans on social media so far?

Josh: Tough one! It's always very special to meet fans of the band who have connected with the music and felt like the lyrics have helped them through tough times. It's cool to see when the music takes on a life of its own outside of the original intention.

Noizze: Whats next for Wovenwar then, on to the next album, touring, festivals, a sex change? 

Sex Change! Just kidding. We've all been doing a bit of writing this summer, so I think we're all getting our heads in the game for a new record, although there's so specific time frame yet for that. Until then, we will be on the road as much as possible.

Noizze: finally if your band was a plate of food, what would be on that plate? 

California Burrito and sushi rolls.

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Twitter: @WOVENWAR

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