Monday, 31 August 2015

Heather Coulton: 'All The Years' Album Review

I love getting sent music from an artist that we have known for some time. We have been tracking Heather Coulton since she released her single 'Walls' that still stands as an incredibly beautiful track. Heather is now set to release her 7-track album 'All The Years' and her official album launch will be on September 4th. Here is what we thought:

The first track on the album is the single that made me love Heather's music, 'Walls'. The song is beautiful but you can read about that HERE.

'Losing You' features emotionally driven lyrics and soulful and meaningful keys. The track is exactly what I wanted to hear after the incredible 'Walls'. Her motivational yet slightly saddened tone is much like an anthem from a Disney Soundtrack (Minus the cheesiness). The strings towards the end are amazing.

'Run' delivers again with a chillingly good chorus The song showcases Heather's raw talent with only simple piano to sit nicely underneath her soaring vocals. 'Feel' is a motivational builder (The song builds and adds instruments and gets more vocally intense) and pulls it off damn well. 'Breathe' mixes it up slightly with harmonized vocals throughout. It took me a couple of listens to adjust to the low vocals that feature but I enjoy it and appreciate the diversity in style.

'Cracks' is a tad more upbeat, not too much but it's all I need. The song feels uplifting and the chorus is quirky and catchy. Final song is the title track and reverts straight back to what she does best, delivery emotional and soulful infused soundtracks.

It is often you will find an artist releases one song that far outweighs the others on the album (Hence a single) but I can't pick out a favourite. I would normally be crying out for a more upbeat song on an album such as this but for some reason I just want to listen to Heather over and over again. Her sound is angelic and captivating and takes you through a plethora of emotions and imagery. Faultless.

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