Friday, 28 August 2015

Golding: 'Soul Model' Single Review

Golding are a four-piece indie rock band from Brighton, UK. The band have an EP on the way called 'Platinum Black' that is being released track by track! The new single from said album is called 'Sould Model' and we gave it a good seeing to!

Have a listen to the track below:

Golding are clearly very talented. Their dreamy ambiance is captivating at times and works best when the full band play an extended instrumental section in the song. At times the vocals soar and are overly impressive with a great range demonstrated.

There's a moment in the song with the vocal line "Cos she smells like you" referring to another person being similar to someone from the past. The line stands out due to the vocalists delivery that shows him seemingly losing his grip for a moment and speaking the line passionately rather than singing it. It's hugely effective and showcases raw passion behind the song.

The roaring guitar solo that continues after is yet another highlight with a sleazy high-pitched squeal that breaks into an instrumental section and then back into the song for one last outro-chorus. Golding are definitely one for fans of a slightly more technical indie band that feel intense to listen to but there is a certain comfort with it as well.

Facebook: /GoldingOfficial
Twitter: @GOLDINGofficial
Bandcamp: Golding - Music

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