Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Noizze's Gavin Talks to Agent Fresco at TECH-FEST

Noizze's Interview with Arnór and Þórarinn of Agent Fresco!

Noizze: So first of all how has the festival been?

Arnór: Yeah we just got in and literally came straight into interviews. This is a great room. (all laugh). There's a lot of ... chairs. And that's great for all your sitting needs... So far a fantastic festival!

Noizze: Okay, [Now we got that out the way]. Will you manage to catch any of the other acts play?

Þórarinn: We don't really get to see anyone. There's the acoustic gig tomorrow and then we're straight off.

Arnor: There are a lot of bands. I really would have loved to have seen like Rolo Tomassi and our friends in Monuments as well of course. Always good to see them but we're they're arriving when we're leaving so I don't think we even get like one Hi-Five.

Þórarinn: It's a shame.

Arnor: But yeah we're here at least and we get to do two shows so we're grateful for that!

Noizze: Yeah. It should be great. We're really excited. On the general genre of the festival... It's a bit of a controversial term when it comes to metal and nobody likes the classification but we are at Tech-Fest. I wondered, how would you consider yourselves on the technical side of things as a band?

Arnor: We always saw ourselves like a wild card. Like Euroblast. It's always kind of the same to summarise or whatever you'd call it like... I would say we embrace the energy we have. We enjoy being a little bit aggressive. Tech. I don't know is that another word for...

Þórarinn:... Math?

Arnor: Technical Math, maybe? I dunno. Poly-rhythmic music?

Noizze: So how do you find the UK scene?

Arnor: Of this kind of music or overall?

Noizze: I was thinking this kind of music but it'd be interesting overall?

Arnor: I got this question a little earlier and they asked me what kind of artists I liked from the UK and I realised there's like a million artists that I really love. There's everything from you know David Grey and Peter Gabriel to Rolo Tomassi and stuff like that. But the UK's done a great job! A lot of fantastic music. Radiohead as well and there's just an endless list of of bands.

Noizze: How do you find this sort of competitive scene in Iceland?

Arnor: Well there's no mainstream there. You can't really make money out of mainstream music there.

Þórarinn: There's not like any particular scenes.

Arnor: There's a nice mix of everyone together. A great soup of everything that you had left in your refrigerator.

Noizze: What would you say is the biggest influence upon your music?

Þórarinn: Life.

Arnor: I think it's just working with ideas from the ground up. Are you talking within the band or outside of that?

Noizze: Both. Sometimes people are influenced by things like religion or certain parts of their lives...

Arnor: I think there are bands that have really shown that using emotions and personal tragedies/victories can be used in such a creative way. I'm just thinking how I use that in my music.

Noizze: Go on.

Arnor: I think bands that showed me how to use emotion in music were like Korn for instance. Just seeing a guy completely opening up about child abuse is crazy. Other bands that have made more out of the music and use imagery as well, I think that's the most impressive because [it's] you're music being intimate. There has always been an intimate relationship to music for me so you know I think that's the main thing. I don't really know what I would be writing about if it wasn't for the chance to celebrate stuff and tribute...

Noizze: I understand it's a very much a personal process.

Arnor: Yeah yeah.

Noizze: I also understand that your upcoming album has been a long time in the waiting?

Arnor: Yeah!

Noizze: How have you been feeling about that?

Arnor: Ahh it's terrible you know, because you want to finish! A lot of things that we write are just very instant, like my melodies. They just come out immediately when I hear what the guys have written instrumentally. For me, lyrically, it was really difficult because I was trying to use emotions that I wasn't used to feeling. There was a lot of anger and hatred and anxiety at that time so it was difficult to get that into words. It was just not something I was used to.

Noizze: Do you feel like you've achieved something with the album?

Arnor: Ahh yeah! Definitely or we wouldn't be releasing [the album]!

Noizze: (laughs) That's a good way of putting it.

Arnor: Yeah! There's a lot. We put everything into it so at least this shows where we stood at that point of time in our lives. It's such a cliché but its' like a diary of you where we were you know musically and emotionally and we can look back on that hopefully a couple of years from now and think ok well at least something beautiful came out of it.

It's really difficult when you've been working on the songs for so many years. So many of these tracks [were written] instrumentally like four years back you know. So it's like we're really deaf right now regarding our music.

Noizze: I'm curious about the sort of bands that are trying to make it out of their local scenes and everything. Are there any small bands that you feel deserve to be bigger. If that makes sense.

Arnor: We could name drop every friend in Iceland right now. I know there are bands that I just love that I feel like nobody listens to but they're not a band anymore (laughs).

It's pointless to mention them. Well not. Because music is of course timeless. Ahhh that's a really good question. And I hate myself for not having the answer.

Þórarinn: We get back to you on that,Gavin (laughs)

Arnor: Yeah, ask us another question? And ask again at the end of the...

Noizze: Okay, What advice would you give to bands that are upcoming? Or just starting out?

Arnor: I would say perform as much as possible. We're not a band that practices a lot. And I don't feel like that's a good decision, it just seems natural to us. We've always done it like this. We've always performed a lot and that's where you feel real you know. That's real, that's the real practice, How to react to different venues and crowds and you just get more in touch with your music and much more energetic in an intimate way. So just perform as much as possible.

Also there's a lot more than just writing music and performing there's so much else that you've done and you can explore it through visual art as well. You do it through promoting your music when you go to places. Don't just expect people to hear your music because it's never going to happen and that's why we're where we are in Iceland for instance. We just played a lot. And we love playing. So it's just my advice. Oh and Don't do drugs! (All laughs)

That's about all, play a lot don't do drugs.

Noizze: I do have one last question. It's a bit out there and everything but we like to be a bit random. Um if your bland was a plate of food what would it be?

Arnor: ooo! Are we a buffet?

Þórarinn: Asian pesto.

Arnor: Asian Pesto! What a perfect answer. We're Asian Pesto!

Noizze: Well that's all my questions. Thank you ever so much we really do appreciate it.

Arnor: Thank you! That was great!

Þórarinn: Thank you!

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