Saturday, 15 August 2015

Future Talk: 'The Path That Sadness Paved' EP Review

Gloucestershire alt rockers Future Talk will be releasing their debut EP 'The Path That Sadness Paved' in just over a week! We gave the EP a spin to see what the band have to offer.

The hugely anthemic, heart-string wrencher 'Sleeping Pills' was released towards the end of July to give fans a taste of the upcoming EP. With an accompanying video that is predominantly focused on performance yet showcases the band showing off their raw passion. The song is tight as hell and tears through the speakers at a fast pace. With big instrumentals that pave the way for raspy vocals the band really hit the nail on the head with their single.

Check out the video for the single 'Sleeping Pills' just below.

'Shadow Poet' opens atmospherically with reverbed guitar echoeing it's way into an all band blowout. The song is well constructed and again demonstrates the bands ability to pull out the passion card in their writing. Sporadic lead sections spice up the song and add some flavour to the track. 'The Cliff As A Reminder' with it's seemingly somewhat morbid title is a surprisingly upbeat song that sees the inclusion of keys in the chorus section and rolling drums in the verse to keep the it lively. The song is solid but doesn't jump out to grab the listeners attention as the chorus doesn't feel like it makes that leap of extra tempo and power required to lift the song.

Final track 'Fear Life' is a slower one though I very much expected to hear a song like this from a band with a clearly talented vocalist. This song does exactly what it needs to in showing off fantastic vocal range and raw passion, let-loose moments.

Fans of Funeral For A Friend, Mallory Knox and Kids In Glass Houses will enjoy Future Talk. The Alt Rockers wear their heart's on their sleeves with pride. There is a massive amount of heavy band's entering local scenes at the moment, and what was once an overplayed genre is now one that you can only find very so often! Strongly recommend a listen if your looking for a new band!

The EP 'The Path That Sadness Paved' will be out August 24th for all your listening pleasures!

Facebook: /futuretalkband

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