Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Fathoms with An Elegy and Giving In To Ghosts: Fuel Cardiff - Live Review

We popped on down to our local watering hole (Fuel Rock Bar Cardiff) and general place of happiness to check out some really heavy music on Monday 17th August. Fathoms are currently on tour and have brought the fantastically brutal An Elegy along for the ride. In addition Giving In To Ghosts provide the local support! We didn't manage to catch the bands that played before hand and apologies for that! So let's start at the first of the bands we saw that night:

Giving In To Ghosts approach the stage for the first time in quite a while. Armed with new single 'Skinchanger' (See the review HERE). It's safe to say that the band didn't have much luck with their instruments/gear.

The band hit the stage with unfortunate technical issues. In addition one of the guitarists lost/didn't have his guitar and subsequently had to play with one that wasn't his! Mid-set, the drummers spring snapped therefore the last two songs were played with no bass drum at all. BUT despite all of the not-so-obvious issues it's one of the best live performances the band have given in a while. 'Skinchanger' goes down really well and there were plenty of pits with a good reaction. The bands set was a perfect blend of old and new material. Hopefully the band are back for good and we can see a new revival to the GIG boys!

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Next up are the band we are here to see, it's An Elegy. As we stated in a recent review (See the review HERE) they have hit the local UK metal scene hard with some backing from the Lock & Key frontman as management. This marks the band's fourth show as AE which is pretty impressive considering the progress they have made!

After listening to the incredibly piercing and brutal vocals on record it is unfortunate that they are a little weaker live. The lack of gigs they have had do show through and the band still seem to be pulling together their collection of technical songs from the EP. The more technical moments seem pretty tight yet there are other sections when they seem slightly sloppy though again this may be due to the minuscule amount of time they have been together as live performers.

The brutality and ferocity however is conveyed beautifully and they really are heavy as f**k. They portray a good representation of their music and hold a dark and dominating stage presence with a lot going on around them.

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Fathoms have a decent sized crowd by the time they hit the stage. With music full of breakdowns and moshpits to accompany appropriately the energy is electric. Their sound is atmospheric and dark.

The band's professional performance lends itself to their extensive touring and relentlessness in taking on shows. The band suffer from some technical issues meaning that they see squeaky guitars at times but as a whole they are solid.

The bands brutality bodes well with an engaging and pumped up crowd. This tour marks yet another step in Fathoms progression.

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