Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Dead XIII: 'Catacombs' Album Review

The new album 'Catacombs' is almost with us from horror metal outfit The Dead XIII and we at Noizze are here to provide a review on our thoughts of the album! Let's get to it...

Opening track 'XIII' sounds as if it has been lifted from a Need For Speed games soundtrack. "Thirteen Ways To Die" is the tag line in the chorus that is screamed with brutality. Screechy guitars slide their way into your ears towards the end of the song with a thrashy haunting feel to them. It's the perfect way to start the album building a theatrical presence whilst showcasing raw ferocity.

Reminiscent of Rob Zombie tracks 'Daemons', 'The Greatest Mistake' and 'Lay Siege To Hell'. The haunting introduction to 'The Greatest Mistake' is truly horrifying and gives you 40 seconds of chills before being introduced to a bit of an Iron Maiden feel instrumentally. Another of the slightly haunting tracks is the self-titled 'Catacombs' that has a creepy synth underlying it's velocity.

The structure of music can be likened to that of Five Finger Death Punch who have hard, energetic and thrashy verses and pile in the melody into the chorus'. The small sections of cinematic horror are worked in really well and mix up an album that is otherwise very in your face from start to finish. I do find it quite predictable as once the intro's fade, the heart-pounding drums always kick in and the industrial dance beats follow. Final track 'Apothesis' is the only one that mixes it up slightly in terms of tempo and feeling which is great to see but maybe too little.

The Dead XIII are clearly talented in what they do and have managed to blend melody with an image and style that is getting them noticed. The album has a lot to offer and shows off an anger that is portrayed fantastically. With a 10-track album it is often the case that a band can struggle with diversity which it seems the band have slightly but each song in itself is solid. Fans of The Misfits, Rob Zombie and any kind of Industrial Metal should really enjoy this.

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