Saturday, 8 August 2015

Bad Mary: 'Sucks To Be You' Single Review

Bad Mary are a punk/pop rock band from Long Island, NY. Their influence of some of the golden oldies such as Blondie, No Doubt and The Ramones clearly shows.

Fast paced and punky, 'Sucks To Be You' weighs in with some serious attitude. Sounding like The Sex Pistols meets Avril Lavigne. The intense track roars along in a subtle 2 minutes 20 seconds. I do find myself at times losing touch with the song as there is so much going on. The verse section has loud backing vocals and a very rattly symbol crashing all over the vocals which is sometimes distracting.

The song seems to stand as a bit of anthem with attitude but does at times have too much going on which makes it harder for the listener to track. There is no doubt that Bad Mary are already in their own right a balls-to-the-wall band that have a distinct fanbase. Fans of a bit of the old sprinkled with some fresh faces may enjoy this!

Facebook: /badmaryband
Twitter: @BadMaryBand

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