Friday, 21 August 2015

Alex's Alternative Fridays #5 Urth by Kagoule Album review

Kagoule's debut album: Urth, has just been released and it has definitely provided some top notch listening! With their previously released singles; Glue, Gush and Made of Concrete settling nicely into the full album, there are definitely some strong new tracks. One particularly highlight was the wonderfully haromnically orientated tracks, Greenbeefo  and Centralwing. Another favorite of mine was the more calming rendition of Made of Concrete which they included in the album. This version was similar to the original demo version Kagoule released, however it differs dramatically from the previously released single just weeks before the album was released. It knows It (Another of my favourite Kagoule tracks) was surprisingly similar to the original single release the band issued. Of course, it may have been nice to have seen a new, re-hashed version of this track but it was in fact such a good performance, I struggle to see what they could have done better! The vocals on this album have been equally haunting and equally tranquil. It however was a nice touch to give slightly more vocal responsibility to Lucy Hatter (bass). The contrast created was evident on Glue where Lucy's ghostly choral vocals remind me of a young Kim Deal!  Urth is rounded off beautifully with the soothing voice of Cai Burns and his lone guitar on Blue Moon. A dark yet beautiful conclusion to the band's first outing.

Urth explores a range of styles so intrinsically connected to Kagoule's sound that it manages to capture in essence; the frenetic energy of the band's live sets - a difficult task indeed! From thudding bass-lines to weightless melodies, all aspects of the band are somehow bottled into their debut. Although perhaps not as refined as one may have hoped for, this is a great album and definitely worth a listen!


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