Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Seething Akira: 'Airstrike' Single Review

You know when you see a band that instantly grab your attention... Yes? Well working in a live rock venue (Fuel Rock Bar - Cardiff) I get to see a lot of up and coming bands live. Most are very much your run of the mill beginner bands BUT every so often you will see one that blows you away, Seething Akira did exactly that. After speaking to the gentlemen that unleashed the chaos upon our quaint little venue I was informed their new single 'Airstrike' had just been released... Perfect timing.

Firstly may I say that the video is absolutely fantastic. One wrestling ring and a bunch of pro fighters take on the band in a comical punch up. The video does more than that though and shows character and instantly helps to create a fan out of new viewers. This definitely helps to show why Seething Akira have amassed their already attentive following.

The song itself is also brilliant. I took the time to listen to the bands previous EP and was wholly impressed and this newest single only does so further. Beastie Boys meets Enter Shikari in a big ballsy bundle that blends energy infused synths, driven guitars and a high tempo that has you smashing your head along. The band have nailed down a unique sound that is often not pulled off well at all and whilst the above influences and likenesses have been drawn they have a clear defined sound.

Seething Akira are playing this year's Breakout Festival with the likes of Deaf Havana, Sikth, We Are The Ocean and more and it is really no wonder why! I quite aptly assume that these guys are going to move from strength to strength and if their latest single is anything to go by look out because the boys are heading your way soon!

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