Sunday, 5 July 2015

Zoo Me Now: 'Alone' Single Review

It's been a busy week for me in terms of writing, usually I don't do a lot of it as i'm quite busy with new projects and new ideas as well as doing NoizzeTV. However we've been so swamped with reviews of late that I have chosen to tippy tap away at my laptop once more, because i like you guys, and i want you to know about the awesome bands we get to listen to! So on to more pressing matters.

I've been through a lot of pop punk bands lately so ZOO ME NOW was a refreshing change from that. Hailing from Copenhagen and featuring a rather eclectic blend of sounds from bands like Franz Ferdinand to early Muse, their new single "Alone" seems to tick all the boxes.

It's a solid track, the guitar work brilliantly blends various effects without you even noticing them and the vocal performance is varied enough that it doesn't become samey, yet not overly complicated to make it a drag to listen to. It all sits very well in my ears and i can listen to the track multiple times without being annoyed at it. In fact I can't think of a bad thing to say about it... so why don't I love it?

It's cause it's not new, there's nothing groundbreaking that makes my ears prick up and go "that's pretty cool." It's safe, although they do safe very well and will definitely find some success with this release. 

I look forward to a full length album from these guys, I want to see how they handle the larger display of their music and if they have something else in their creative scope that may change my mind about this, and I hope they do, cause like i said, I like them. 

Final words: A great track, easy listening, bring on an album, where can i see you live,? I'd probably enjoy that!

Facebook: /zoomemusic
Twitter: @zoomenow
Bandcamp: Single - Alone

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