Saturday, 18 July 2015

WhiteMoor: 'Pause and Effect' Album Review

WhiteMoor are an Alternative Rock/Indie band but somehow I feel that doesn't quite grasp their genre fully on their latest album 'Pause and Effect' out on the 25th July. Atmospheric and rock sing-along anthems join forces in this album so check out what we thought and then go see for yourself!

Opening track 'Hollywood' brings tranquility and ambiance to what feels like an introduction to a film scene where someone has just entered an enchanted forest... That is until just under a minute in where distorted guitars smash their way in and raspy vocals join to throw a huge spin on the song. I am instantly taken back by the grasp and rawness that the vocalist holds. They are very commanding and had my head turning and paying some serious attention straight away.

Tracks 'A Cage For Animals', 'She Makes Me Fly' and 'God Help The Queen' are the hard-hitting solid anthems that at times feel like an 80's/90's throwback. The production makes the songs feels current and fresh but the chorus' and general structure feel familiar as a listener.

Where as song 'Be The Last' is a lot more spacey and holds a more atmospheric vibe that is more like Muse or newer 30STM. The intensity of 'Ghosts' helps to provide further variety in the bands sound offering an alternative that sits between their atmospheric songs and their more rocky ones.

'Only Human' is another fantastic track that piles in the sing-along factor though holds interest through its big and epic background. Songs unmentioned from the album can be likened to the ones picked out and highlighted though to fully appreciate them I guess you will have to just go and buy it!

With some sing-along anthems that take you back to the days where Oasis were making you cry and sing to every lyric they made, WhiteMoor are giving the same effect with their range of music on 'Pause And Effect'. It's not an in-your-face album but by no means should you take that as it is dull. Catchy chorus' and a cool familiarity in their music makes for an upbeat yet easy listen. Great job I say!

'Pause and Effect' is out 25th July and you can pick it up from the bands webpage which is linked below:

Facebook: /WhiteMoor
Twitter: @WhiteMoor

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