Saturday, 4 July 2015

This City Limits: 'Too Scared To Swim' Single Review

I don't know if its just the bands that contact us or if there is genuinely a very large upsurge in popularity of pop punk bands again. Although looking at the recent musical directions of bands like Bring me the Horizon, Lower than Atlantis and even Of Mice & Men it must clearly be the latter. It seems to be one of those genres of music that go full circle every few years and will forever be a staple in the industry in some way or another.

This City Limits' new single "Too Scared To Swim" is another fine example of pop punk musics current influence. It's a strong release from the band that have been around for only a year, despite this they have been busy, and busy turning heads at that. My only real question is whether or not this single is a sign of an album to come?

My only criticism is the lack of dynamic range in the vocals, he uses about five notes at one volume throughout the track. I understand this is a trademark of the genre but they may want to try and break away from that if they want to be taken seriously in an industry wrought with bands that all have the same tricks in their bag. Be brave with your music, push the envelope and your own abilities a bit more.

This band has the makings of a great act and i look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength, as long as they push themselves to evolve and to be better than their last release.

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