Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sophie Coran: 'Better' EP Review

Sophie Coran is a singer/songwriter who settled in London (UK) after nine months of travelling Europe. Originally from Philadelphia her influences musically range from Carole King to Regina Spektor and as well as having a classical background she has a jazz inspiration too! Her EP 'Better' was released back in June and we at Noizze took a lovely little listen!

Track one 'Tell Me' eases you in comfortably with a simple piano line that leads into effortless and clear vocals. With solo pop artists I always look out for the storytelling ability and songwriting on records. The songwriting here is easy to digest and the title conveys the songs meaning and is very direct. Elements of Lily Allen and Kate Nash are highlighted through the track with the allowance of accent to ooze through the song. The almost jazzy and sometimes soulful piano backing that builds through the song provides an almost Vanessa Carlton feel.

'Out Of Focus' at time feels slightly haunting but her classical influences show as the song progresses. I can imagine that when sung live it comes across really well. Next track 'One-Way Ticket' opens with a more positive and hopeful vibe that continues throughout the song. The track  has sprinkles of some blues music and again shows classical influences though adds a fresh take that doesn't feel dated. The song is definitely a highlight of the album with a chorus that will get stuck in your head and a theme that is easily relatable. Final title track 'Better' is again a great addition that rounds off the EP nicely. I do find myself at times wanting it to let loose and bring in some bigger instruments. I will like we don't quite see Sophie's full potential vocally and would love to see a more passionate and vulnerable vocal.

'Better' is a great EP to sit, close your eyes and take in but with no upbeat tracks or variation in style it may be hard for Sophie to show her talent to a constantly captivated audience. Don't get me wrong if I stumbled into a bar and saw Sophie singing I would buy the EP before I buy my first drink. What I'm saying is that I think there is so much more that this young singer can offer I want to see it! A great first EP that shows a humongous amount of potential though!

Facebook: /sophiecomusic
Twitter: @sophiecoran
Soundcloud: /sophie-coran

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