Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sonny Jim: 'Soul King Fire' Album Review

So i'm sure we've all heard the expression don't judge a book by it's cover, and if you haven't go slap your mom cause she failed you, or go watch The Pagemaster, either way you suck, but I digress!

Sonny Jim is the typical case of this saying, their accompanying album cover is dreadful and I probably could have done better in paint, in fact i'm pretty sure it was done in paint! But the first track of their new album "Soul King Fire" is actually rather pleasant, it's american southern country rock, and it does in fact rock!

It's not exactly life changing stuff if i'm honest and with tracks like "I Want a Tattoo" "Poor White Trash" and "Go F__k yourself" the themes are predictable and the lyrics somewhat boring. With that said I can entirely see myself chilling out with a cold beer in the sunshine next to a BBQ while this is on in the background. especially if I happen to be entertaining some folks from Texas or other affiliated parts of the southern states.

The music is simple yet well written, and well executed with nothing really forcing you to think too much about whats going on. My only true criticism is that it feels like the twangy vocals so commonly associated with this style of music feels a little bit forced, I don't think the vocalist naturally sounds like that. Especially in opening track "Vanity". This is not a major issue though, it's probably just me being a little over critical.

A solid release from a fun band, but they should definitely get someone else to do their cover art!

P.s. I know some people get in touch!

Facebook: /sonnyjimrocks
Soundcloud: /sunny-j-2
Bandcamp: Album - Soul Fire King

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