Monday, 6 July 2015

Skimmer: 'Baby Dinosaur' Album Review

When we first set out to do Noizze it was an exciting time. We thought we would always be reviewing great music and that we would love every second of it. Oh how naive we were. Occasionally you get a band where their heart is in the right place, and you can see that they are having fun and enjoying what they do, unfortunately no matter how much fun you have sometimes you're just gonna fall a little short of the mark. Skimmer seem to fall into this category.

There new album "Baby Dinosaur" instantly starts me down a path of teenage innocence playing the original Tony Hawks Pro Skater on the PS1. With clear influence from the likes of Reel Big Fish, Blink and other american punk style bands of that era the music is simple yet effective, the guitars produce a raw unprocessed sound that works.

Unfortunately thats where the good news ends, The dreams feel rather programmed and dry with no feel to it, the bass seems almost non existent (there is one i double checked) and the vocals are somewhat predictable and generally poor. I'm sure in the atmosphere of a live show it may seem effective, but in a studio setup you cannot hide and the lack of vocal ability becomes very clear as even with all the production in the world it is very clear that the singer is struggling and the harmonies are poorly written and mixed to create a vocal soundscape reminiscent of a drunk teen at a frat party getting up on the dining room table and projectile vomiting on everyone, evidently i can imagine this band playing in the background at such a party if it were the early nineties, and everyone was tone deaf.

Truth be told if i happened to find myself at one of their shows i would probably enjoy myself since the style of music lends itself to downing shots of cheap tequila or apple sours and making out with random girls on the dance floor while joining in a resounding chorus of rumshpringa every five seconds, all whilst bouncing up and down like a Chihuahua on a coffee high. Highlights of the album are the tracks titled "Rainbow" and "Girl's drink, Girl's bike" not sure about the use of apostrophes their but i'm hoping it's an in joke where if you don't know, you don't need to!

All in all it's not gonna change the world and if Skimmer are looking to find success in the music industry they have a metaphorical Everest to climb, but if they are playing at a venue near you i suggest you go, it's a 50/50 you'll have a great time.

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