Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Peur: 'Future Architects' EP Review

Peur is the French word for fear and where as that may come across as a little scary don't let it fool you, fear is not an emotion you will feel when you take a listen to this fantastic EP 'Future Architects'.

Opening track aptly names 'Intro' and the song that follows 'They Have Destroyed Everything' instantly transport you away in your own conscious imagination. Musically the latter is definitely one to turn up and smash through your headphones or on some big speakers. The song sounds MASSIVE and brings an epic front that you would want to add to your 'Zombie Killing Playlist' (Don't pretend you don't have one or haven't thought of one!)

Next up 'Explosions' is the first to feature any form of vocals and does not disappoint in that sense. The Karnivool esque vibe behind the song makes it very favourable in my books! Instrumentally there is so much going on but the band do well to draw it all together into a huge distorted bubble of sound. Vocals soar throughout the chorus and the instrumental breakdowns that features after and throughout the song around incredible.

'It Ends Before It Starts' has an amazing opening riff and the song is quite progressive in style. The contrast of very heavily distorted sections and lighter verse sections work well together and flow nicely. 'Hollow Skies' was the EP's second single and it is easy to see why. The song is the most accessible in comparison to the first few tracks that are heavier and feature instrumental sections. 'Hollow Skies' has a fantastic chorus where vocally the falsetto element that is added brings a lighter feel but allow for the listener to take in everything going on with the rest of the song.

Overall the band have completely taken me back with this release. They will really sit well with fans of Karnivool and Tool. The instrumental soundscape they provide to create a wall of sound is incredible. Top notch music right there and they have earned a fan out of me!

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